Plein Soleil Monaco is an interior design company from Monaco, who has worked on several fabulous residencial design projects. Here you will find some of their most luxurious Hospitality Projects.

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5 stunning interior designs by Plein Soleil Monaco1

Plein Soleil Monaco uses many luxury fabric brands on their design projects, such as Aldeco, Pierre Frey and Lelievre. In this project, the interior architect created an amazing contrast between white upholstered chairs and sofas and green lime pillows.

5 stunning interior designs by Plein Soleil Monaco2

Like the previous project, light tones were used and colorful décor elements have been placed there to contrast with the minimalist colors. This is an airy and open living room with big upholstery like the velvet armchair on the left that opens to this magnificent view of the ocean.

5 stunning interior designs by Plein Soleil Monaco3

In this living room the designers created an minimalist living room. By mixing the two brown velvet armchairs with the large withe sofa them made the items stand out and light up the room.

5 stunning interior designs by Plein Soleil Monaco4

Another beautiful project, this time at the designers house. This living room interior design is very different from the others. Here you will found a little bit more of decoration elements who, i think, give more caracter to this small living room.

5 stunning interior designs by Plein Soleil Monaco5

For this dining room the interior designers choose to use upholstered dining chairs with high backs. They look confy and trendy. Don’t you think so?

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