Restaurant and Bar Design Awards of 2020 is the 12th edition and it’s already a globally recognised competition dedicated to the interior design of food and beverage spaces. Competitors come from over 100 different countries and the judging panel was changed in this edition – they could count with six industry-leading figures, who work in design, architecture, hospitality and lifestyle.

The Restaurant and Bar Design Awards can be followed by over 45000. In this number, you can find the most notable architects, hotels, restaurants and bar operators, and also the media! The Awards are then an event that offers an annual program of quirky opportunities to connect with the most powerful personalities and their clients from the world.

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Restaurant and Bar Design Awards - 2020 Edition

In the program of the Awards, you are able to find organized events, such as a series of Restaurant and Bar Design Talks all over the year. Each of these events is held at an innovative food and beverage space and it’s hosted by both the design and their client.

The Restaurant and Bar Design Awards highlight of this year is the ceremony itself. Each event we saw before is singly themed and it’s a unique celebration of the professionals’ work throughout the year. Leading industry professionals award prizes for the best work as voted by the Restaurant and Bar Design panel of internationally recognised judges.

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Restaurant and Bar Design Awards - 2020 Edition

This year the Restaurant and Bar Design Awards will have a virtual ceremony on their website on 15th October 2020, 14:00 United Kingdom time. If you want to interact with the event you can do this via Instagram  @restaurantandbardesignawards and using the hashtags #RBDA #RBDA2020. In sync with a live Instagram campaign, the Virtual Awards Ceremony will consist of a trio of creative videos broadcast as-live on our website from 14:00 UK time on 15th October.

Restaurant and Bar Design Awards - 2020 Edition

In addition to showcasing the 248 shortlisted projects from 66 countries and, obviously, the announcement of the winners. The participants including the judges and shortlisted will be very much involved in creating a special buzz in the videos including their own social media channels. To find out more about the Restaurant and Bar Design Awards of 2020, check their website!

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