IMM Cologne 2015 is the stage to unveil interior design trends for this year, as the first big show of 2015! Embracing this responsability, IMM Cologne will offer everyday a lecture to its visitors, presenting the 10 most interior design trends.

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Far.Consulting has the responsibility   for this lectures. Having identified a total of 10 interior design trends. The german team led by Frank A. Reinhardt will deliver a short and concise introduction to each of these interior design trends every day at The Stage, imm cologne’s presentation forum.


With each lecture being translated simultaneously into English, if you’re visiting IMM Cologne you should take a little time to know a little more about what the experts have to say of the interior design trends 2015. Questions as “What’s the new trend colour?”, “Will last year’s “cosiness” trend turn into a mega trend at IMM Cologne 2015?” and “How important are those wholly personal places and pieces within our own homes?”, will find answer everyday at 10:30 am at The Stage, Pure Village, hall 2.2, booth H006.


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IMM-Cologne-2015-News-what-to-know-about-the-10-most-interior-design-trends IMM-Cologne-2015-News-what-to-know-about-the-10-most-interior-design-trends

To know a little more about the man that lead this interior design trends ‘ daily lectures at IMM Cologne, you should know that Frank A. Reinhardt is not just an industrial designer, but also a journalist, working as an editor in some of the most important design publications. Now, he focus his work on projects ranging from trend and market studies, the conception and editing of special publications as well as his work as a journalist for trade magazines.

Source: BRABBU