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Index Dubai began on 18th of May and ended on the 21 th of the same month. This trade its notable for being an annual exhibition for the textile, furniture and interior design and manufacturing industries.

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Index takes place on the Dubai World Trade Centre which is one of the largest and most modern exhibition venues in the GCC region, Dubai.

The Index International Design Exhibition is marked by the presence of furnishing products, contemporary collection, textile products and objects, kitchen equipments, bathroom accessories and fittings, artisans, outdoor living, outdoor accessories, furniture, lighting products and retail products and services. It is an awesome forum where both the buyers and sellers are entitled to a wonderful experience and the event is better known for conducting various events, attractions and entertainment forums such as design competition, architectural awards, competitions for students and live art installations.

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Every year over 23,000 visitors from 100 countries attend INDEX, making it the most-attended exhibition of its kind in the region.

In Index Dubai people can see the ultimate design pieces, the latest trends and best brands in the world.

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But beyond the show Dubai it’s an magnificent country, with the most amazing spaces.

This year show have finished, but if next year you don’t want to miss it, here are a few tips about language and the most notorious and amazing hotel know for it design.

Language Tips:

Assalaamu aleikum      Peace be upon you
Marhaba                       Greeting
Shukran                       Thank you
Min fadlak                     Please
Keefak(m)/keefik(f)       How are you?
Zein, kwayis, tammam Fine
Mumkin                         Can I / Is it possible…?
Kam                             How much?
Weyn                           Where
Mai madaniya               Mineral water
Mai                               Water

Burj Al Arab Hotel:

Burj Al Arab it’s the most acknowledged hotel in Dubai due to is distinctive sail-shaped silhouette. Often voted the world’s most luxurious hotel, since it is the one and only 7 star hotel in the world and also is one of the region’s most famous tourist landmarks. Built on a triangular man-made island, the billowing sail-like structure rises 321 metres above the sea and the hotel’s atrium lobby is the tallest in the world.

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The Burj Al Arab sets a new standard for hospitality superlatives, including an underwater aquarium restaurant that you reach through a simulated submarine voyage, a fleet of Rolls-Royces on the forecourt and the famous helipad that has hosted numerous celebrity stunts.

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Don´t miss the next year Index Dubai and be placed at the most amazing hotel and see the this brilliant design trade in Dubai.