In 2013 for the first time been presented the Zimmer + Rohde Interior Contract Awards in response to the growing demand for custom textile designs. Sponsored by PORSCHE, unlike existing international awards, this competition focuses on textile-based
interior design. The awards were presented at the exclusive Awards Dinner in Berlin on 5th December 2013 at the Embassy of the Italian Republic.



The Winners received the Zimmer + Rohde Interior Contract Awards-Sculpture and were introduced to the media, also, they been entitled to label their project with Winner Project – Zimmer + Rohde Interior Contract Awards logo.


The awards were presented in the following categories:

-Residential Living

-Hotel & Wellness Resort

-Restaurant | Bar | Night-Club


-Creative Presentation Country Partners Italy

Residential living category winner- project Forty West Appatments” by Eklego Design


The Forty West Apartments are located in Westown, a mixed-use development that will feature a town-centre incorporating retail, commercial and residential areas. Three design concepts were developed to be adapted to the different sized apartments in the complex. Each design theme expresses something about Cairo, the factors that make it such a unique city and place to live. The city’s vibrant urban makeup, its close proximity to the desert and its natural surroundings, as well as its rich historical heritage are what give rise to three distinct themes that are used as inspirations for the interior design: Urban Chic, Natural Zen and Modern Islamic.

Restaurant | Bar | Night-Club category winner- project BRASSERIE 1806″ Restaurant, Bar & Nightclub by Kern Design


Sensitive relaunch of the “Brassiere 1806” in 5 * hotel Breidenbacher Hof, Dusseldorf been awarded because in just 5 days the creative team of Frankfurt’s architecture offices CORE-DESIGN had implemented and completed relaunch project of the Brassiere originating from 1806.

Simple layout, typical comfortable padded benches, wooden tables, comfortable chair’s and above all- a sophisticated lighting design to accent emphasis on the existing architecture and the creation of special atmospheric scenes give the new setting, the long-awaited “Brassiere” feeling for the project.

Hotel & Wellness Resort category winner- Hotel Bristol project in Warsaw  by Anita Rosato






With a unique ability to capture a vision, Anita Rosato Interior Design delivers a complete service from architectural drawing, concept design and development, through to skilled craftsmanship installations to create surroundings that are as individual as their owner. Anita Rosato specialises in five star hotel interior design and architecture. Her team of talented designers have the experience and expertise to understand how to create stunning spaces that add value to clients’ brands.

Creative Presentation category winner- Carnival Palace Hotel creative project by H.C.E. and PARTNERS



The Carnival Palace Hotel project has been inspired by Italian post office building located in a historical center of Venice. This 4-star hotel creative project consists of 70 rooms, including 10 suites and 1 presidential suite, spread over four levels. The stylistic choices are based on a reinterpretation of the style and forms typical baroque, with a reference to the Venetian Gothic. The presence of gold and silver in colour level together with a careful study of light design has give a unique and elegant environment, typicall to Venice.

Experience category winner- project Villa Medica by W40


Villa Medica

Under the leadership of its owner Markus Gabler, the architectural agency W40 Architects has been planning and realizing building projects throughout Germany and Europe for more than 13 years. W40ave realized a great diversity of building projects for clients, ranging from single-family homes to office buildings and business premises.  Analyzing architectural challenges within a Europe undergoing structural change, W40 have been aiming to create forward-oriented new concepts, render existing functional concepts and add shape and expression to places and buildings with constant on contemporary quality of their designs and the requirements of clients.