World’s Best Hotel Lobby Designs – The Hotel lobby is the first thing that you see when you visit a Hotel, is the first impression that you have and it can be good or bad. Is really important for the Hotels to focus in their lobbies and get inspired with great lobby décor ideas. Today I´ll share with you the best hotel lobby designs around the world. Join me in this ride!

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Mandarin Oriental Barcelona

One of the most perfect examples of luxury hotels in Barcelona its lobby has a modern décor that invites in, the hotel lobby design furniture is simple and in white and combines with the urban environment of Barcelona.

World’s Best Hotel Lobby Designs

World’s Best Hotel Lobby Designs

The Lola Hotel NYC

This hotel lobby design has a classic lobby décor ideas that really adapts to the vibrant city of New York City; from the moment you enter you feel that you are in a place of sophistication and luxury hotel design.

World’s Best Hotel Lobby Designs

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Yoo Panama

The hotel interior design is the responsibility of Phillipe Starck and this hotel had won the award of the international property for the Americas as best interior design apartment in 2014. Located in the heart of Balboa Avenue this hotel offers an amazing hotel lobby designs and a perfect view of the Panama Bay and Panama Canal.

Boscolo Hotel Exedra, Nice, France

Distinctively modern this hotel lobby design is supreme because of its style and uses treelike and scattered light across the wall creating a futurist environment.

World’s Best Hotel Lobby Designs

World’s Best Hotel Lobby Designs

Raffles Singapore

Raffles Singapore is one of the most beautiful luxury hotels in the world offering a perfect combination of civilization and culture for the hotel lobby designs, becoming in a colonial oasis right in the heart of the world’s most thrilling cities.

World’s Best Hotel Lobby Designs

Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou

Four Seasons Hotel in Guangzhou has an impressive hotel interior design and all the details of the hotel interior design ideas is an amazing experience to all guests, offering a perfect stay and a mesmerizing hotel lobby design in one of the most modern and spacious luxury hotels of the city.

World’s Best Hotel Lobby Designs

Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris Palace

Four Seasons Hotel group always delight ourselves with wonderful interior designs and in Paris, its hotel lobby designs surprise because of its design luxury furniture and beauty of the white walls and lobby décor ideas.

World’s Best Hotel Lobby Designs

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Four Seasons Toronto

Located in the most glamorous shopping and restaurant quarter this fantastic hotel lobby designs blends sophistication and design.

Studio M Hotel Singapore

This modern hotel is notorious because of its creativity and the beautiful hotel lobby designs lighting ensuring a unique hotel experience and there is no doubt that all guests love it.

World’s Best Hotel Lobby Designs

The St Regis Shenzhen, China

With a visionary style, modern design and beautiful hotel lobby designs decoration turn this hotel a unique experience and freshness.

World’s Best Hotel Lobby Designs

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