Comité De Proyectos - Unique Aesthetic Design

Comité De Proyectos founded in 2014 by Andrea Flores and Lucía Soto, the Mexico City-based interior and furniture design studio offers a unique aesthetic approach and a group of spatial solutions that encourage the dynamics of integration between individuals and living spaces.

Comité De Proyectos inspiring contemporary projects have been recognised in multiple national and international publications, such as Vogue México, Deezen, Vertical Paris, Index Design, Curbed, AD Russia, among others.

Comité De Proyectos - Unique Aesthetic Design

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The award-winning design team won an Honorable mention for Esthetic, Binomios Collection – Design Week Mexico 2016 and Restaurant & Bar Product Design Awards and have participated in many design exhibitions in Mexico.

Passionate about the world of interior design and product design, the Mexican design duo from Comité De Proyectos thinks that the interior design profession can be quite overwhelming. “You are one day deciding the materials of a design project and at the same time the form or proportions of particular furniture for another project.”

Andrea Flores and Lucía Soto from Comité De Proyectos explained that the interior design industry is a little bit more exciting than other areas, like architecture, because is the quickest to achieve their results.

“One of the best parts compared with, for example, our sister discipline: architecture is that all that was in your mind or on a sketch, in less than a  month or two, can become reality. The results in interior design are pretty quick. Somehow you’re always solving small problems to ensure the product or project still has the initial feeling and that technical problems don’t kill that feeling.”

Comité De Proyectos - Unique Aesthetic Design

The Mexican interior designers from Comité De Proyectosexplained that being an Industrial design can have a lot of positive facts, however, it also has some negative issues. “Another thing we love from being an industrial designer is that you can always be improving designs; the bad part of it is that it can never finish.”

After a two year break in the interior design industry, Andrea Flores and Lucía Soto had a big return by creating unique and creative interior design projects with an inspiring new vision.

“We have returned to a design one or two years later and achieve a newer and better version than the original. There’s always a detail, a material or a line that, if you change it, can express better what you wanted to express or take the design in a very different product.”

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Like many renowned designers, the Mexican designers from Comité De Proyectoswhen questioned about future ambitions explained that they have the goal to be part of a big interior design project “where we have all the cards open to design in order to be able to make a statement in the space. Maybe a retail space or a hotel.”

Comité De Proyectos - Unique Aesthetic Design

All of Comité De Proyectos inspiring projects are connected to the clients’ expectations, needs and dreams, thanks to a fabulous partnership created by the design duo.

“We tend to communicate very practically and direct so that work talk by itself. We love to collaborate with them. We are always looking forward to working with other designers, architects, etc.”

People ask these incredible interior designers to create beautiful and functional projects so that their daily routine can be upgraded with simple details.

“Our client type is people mainly in their 30-40’s trying to achieve better spaces for their daily life. For a better integration in their marriage or better communication with their kids. We have done two restaurants and we’ve loved the experience to think about different ambients.”

These amazing relationship set between the Comité De Proyectos team and the clients or other interior designers/architects is the secret to create an innovative and functional design.

“We think it always gives a plus to the design and everybody learns from this type of exchange. When we work with other studios we prefer to pick a name for the product also in collaboration with the other studio we worked. This way no one outstands more than the other and we get to be more equal.”

Comité De Proyectos’ newest project consists of creating an incredible environment for a public space in the Condesa neighbourhood. This amazing coffee and bookshop project its “a small space part of a 50’s building where you can find many buildings like this, so it has a little bit of Art Deco hints and that is the inspiration of the project.”

Comité De Proyectos - Unique Aesthetic Design

Besides this bespoke commercial project,  Andrea Flores and Lucía Soto are also working on the interior design of a country house in Valle de Bravo for a big family. “The inspiration for this massive residential project is around raw materials, a lot of stone and wood.”

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