Design Contract present a luxury designer mirrors selection represent the finest ipieces of European design. We offer modern, transitional and traditional styles, all of which meld elements of fashion and furniture in a unique range of luxurious materials.

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Simple yet sophisticated, this mirror reflects comfort in a relaxed classic way. The square shape extends the profile. Bronx mirror creates a stylish look without any pretenses. This elegant wall mirror is an exclusive design for a contemporary home interior. The frame of the mirror is encased in either solid oak or mahogany wood, that can be lacquered in two color finishes.

10-Perfect-High-end-Black-Mirrors-for-luxury- interiors-root-classic-mirror-multiple-carved-frames-01

There is nothing finer than a gorgeous mirror to set off the décor in a room. Marvelous and beautiful mirrors add a touch of magic to a room in the same way a painting does. Root Mirror creates a new dimension in the interior design of your space. It is composed of ten different sized grey mirrors in a rusted golden leaf finished frames, which are then constructed in an overlapping pattern.


Poetry of design lies in the creation of illusions, the lust after Rêve mirror finished in a matt black exterior with a high gloss metallic interior unleashes the rules of reality giving you the power of self-exploration.

10-Perfect-High-end-Black-Mirrors-for-luxury- interiors-ring-round-mirror-for-console-sideboard-01

Like a jewel that reflects eternal beauty when it is contemplated, Ring is the mirror of the soul, which aspires to the sublime – the richness of Ring lies within its reflection. Ring mirror contains a mirror frame in black lacquered high gloss, with a minimalist line on the outside and another carved handmade on the inside. A precious piece of art with its interior made of refined carved wood as exquisite as its owner. Ideal for an unique and exclusive home, Ring will reflect elegance once it’s in living rooms or bedrooms.

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