Having an eye-catching retail space filled with attention-grabbing design and display elements has never been more important in the competitive world of retail than nowadays. Thus, each time more, even a top fashion brands have to market their products not only in terms of branding but invest in the physical establishment of the retail space to distinguish themselves from others. Design Contract present a selection of spectacular boutiques interiors. Design Contract present a selection of a beautiful and luxurious boutiques worldwide.

Hublot Boutique

Singapore creative agency’s pop-up store for watch brand Hublot in Paragon shopping centre on Orchard Road in Singapore, which won the the display category Inside Festival, has been made from thousands of crystal-like folded paper shapes. It comprised over 35,000 black crystal shapes made of paper suspended on fishing wire to form a pavilion in the shopping centre’s main atrium. Design creates the effect of crystals that are falling but captured in a single moment.The shopping centre’s atrium space is six storeys high and Ang says Asylum Creative wanted to design something that made use of this generous vertical space catching the attention of shoppers that are on the different levels of the mall to come downstairs to check out the pop-up store.

Beautiful-and- luxurious-boutique-stores- design-projects- 2014-Hublot

Beautiful-and- luxurious-boutique-stores- design-projects- 2014-Hublot-2

Beautiful-and- luxurious-boutique-stores- design-projects- 2014-Hublot-3

Diesel Denim Gallery Boutigue

Architect Ayako Maruta has created an installation at the Diesel Denim Gallery in Aoyama, Tokyo. The installation, consisting of cables and lamps used on construction sites, creates a series of arches and columns suggestive of classical architecture, but suspended from the ceiling. Ayako Maruta previously worked for Japanese architect. The space imitates the space of arches and pillars, the classic type of architecture, using cables and lampshades used in the construction site. Originally, the space of arches and pillars is built up from the ground against the gravity. But, in this space, the pillars that originally support the weight of the arches are suspended in the air. And these arches do not collapse if they are cut off in the middle because the arch- and pillar-like objects are just the set of the cables and lampshades hanging independently from the ceiling.

Beautiful-and- luxurious-boutique-stores- design-projects- 2014-Diesel Denim Gallery

Beautiful-and- luxurious-boutique-stores- design-projects- 2014-Diesel-Denim-Gallery- Aoyama

Giada Boutique

Monolithic limestone totems and cast bronze pedestals punctuate the interior of this Milanese fashion boutique by architect Claudio Silvestrin. Claudio Silvestrin combined natural materials including leather and different types of stone to give the interior of the Giada store in Milan’s Montenapoleone fashion district a luxurious feel. Regimented rows of roughly-hewn limestone columns create a textural backdrop to the clothes, which are hung on geometric metal rails. The changing rooms feature walls and floors made from leather with handles given an antique bronze finish. Blocks of cast bronze with differing dimensions provide pedestals for the products, a display island, a screen for the cash desk and a bench in the VIP room. Rectilinear white leather armchairs continue the geometric theme. A water feature runs along one of the walls, which are made from porphyry stone with a water-jet finish. Claudio Silvestrin previously designed a kitchen island made of porphyry stone, which the architect used in his design for rapper Kanye West’s Manhattan apartment block.

Beautiful-and- luxurious-boutique-stores- design-projects- 2014-_Giada-Milan-flagship-store-Claudio-Silvestrin_ss1

Beautiful-and- luxurious-boutique-stores- design-projects- 2014-Giada-Milan-flagship

Beautiful-and- luxurious-boutique-stores- design-projects- 2014-Giada-Milan-flagship-store-by-Claudio

Beautiful-and- luxurious-boutique-stores- design-projects- 2014-Giada-Milan-flagship-store-by-Claudio-Silvestrin


A textured wall of 22,000 wooden sticks has been installed in this Stuttgartboutique by Swiss architecture firm ROK. The minimal interior by Rippmann Oesterle Knauss (ROK) for menswear store MRQT features white walls and a concrete floor to contrast with the wall of wooden rods. Extending in various directions and to different lengths, the beech wood sticks create the illusion of a single flowing form. CNC-drilled holes define the direction of each stick. A range of menswear is hung on metal rails against the backdrop of the textured wall, which references moving fabric. “The installation refers to the flowing forms and delicate texture of textiles and cloth,” said the architects. A full-height mirror lit from behind hangs in the centre of the feature wall. Display stands and shelving are all made from the same beech wood as the sticks.

Beautiful-and- luxurious-boutique-stores- design-projects- 2014-MRQT-Boutique-by-ROK_ss_2

Beautiful-and- luxurious-boutique-stores- design-projects- 2014-MRQT-Boutique-by-ROK_ss_4

Beautiful-and- luxurious-boutique-stores- design-projects- 2014-_MRQT-Boutique-by-ROK_ss_9

SAAD’s  Boutique

Contemporary SAAD’s woman bags boutique interior design project in NY illustrates perfect commercial interior designer’s work. The idea of this interior design store project is to create a sophisticated atmosphere through a contemporary and classic architectural elements that reflect the articulation of generations that characterize Saad. The concept adopted for the development of store brand inspired by the artisans budget and integrate smoothly curved lines sofas similar to Mistress and Reptilia, use of white leather and gold lacquer trim. Wavy line to bring movement and light, the mixture into the chocolate, reminiscent of pure leather. The space is spacious and the layout of 300 square meters is divided into four parts: bag, dress, comfortable fitting rooms and cafes.

Beautiful-and- luxurious-boutique-stores- design-projects- 2014-1

Beautiful-and- luxurious-boutique-stores- design-projects- 2014-boutique-koket

Beautiful-and- luxurious-boutique-stores- design-projects- 2014-Koket-Reptilia

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