Design Contract present amazing Valentino fashion home inspired hotel suite project of St. Regis in Rome and share with professional architects and interior designers some stylish ideas.

Driven by the St. Regis’s passion for fashion, art and literature, the Couture suite has been entirely designed and projected by HBA London which injected both elements of fashion and red. Into the Couture Suite they created for the luxury hotel of Rome HBA London like to inject local elements into their projects. When they were asked to create one of the suites at the 5 star St. Regis Hotel in Rome, they decided to use fashion, and particularly Valentino, as their inspiration. Valentino opened his first couture house on the fashionable Via Condotti in Rome in 1959. His signature shade of intense red, became known as Valentino Red in the fashion industry. The Valentino signature look is elegant, graceful and sophisticated. As with all high-fashion, the prices are eye-watering but the look is eye-candy.

Hospitality_design_ projects-couture_ suite_by_ Valentino

Inspired by the city’s renowned fashion and design studios, the suite features signature furnishings and accessories which celebrate the best ofItalian style: a private library with an anthology of Italian cinema classics; historical photographs which act as mementos of the many hosted celebrity guests such as Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor and Maria Callas. The two bedrooms also include elegant oval-shaped desks inspired by a Roman design classic, a table which has an elliptical cut-out within its top.

Hospitality_design_ projects-couture_ suite_by_ Valentino-2

The Couture Suite is 3 bedrooms and a living room. All three bedrooms feature variations of a photograph of red smoke. The flowing red smoke alludes to both Valentino red and the sheer, sinuous quality of voile which is often used in dress making.

Hospitality_design_ projects-couture_ suite_by_ Valentino-st-regis-rome-55

One of the bedrooms has a dressmaker’s model as functional decor. I also like the swirly patterned carpet which adds a sense of movement to the room. The walls, lined in neutral linen, provide a backdrop for the luxurious materials used in the rest of the rooms, such as Italian leather, intricate embroidery and nail-head trim panelling. The moodboard above shows how Valentino use leather, embroidery and edgy detailing (another current trend!) in their clothes.

Hospitality_design_ projects-couture_ suite_by_ Valentino-st-regis-rome

The suite is decorated with historical photographs of famous people who have stayed at the St. Regis, including Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. The use of lots of rounded and swirly shapes in this suite give it that Valentino grace and elegance and, yet, the neutral linen backdrop stops it from being overtly feminine.

Hospitality_design_ projects-couture_ suite_by_ Valentino-st-regis-rome-19

The use of red in this hotel suite acts as a punctuation mark drawing a flash of attention to parts of an otherwise neutrally decorated room. Like the Valentino brand, it is glamorous and classically elegant.

Hospitality_design_ projects-couture_ suite_by_ Valentino-st-regis-rome-52-flipped

St. Regis Hotel Couture Suite displays the intersection of fashion, interiors and hotel design. After all, inspiration can come from anywhere.

Hospitality_design_ projects-couture_ suite_by_ Valentino-st-regis

Design Contract tip: add the colour red into your interior design project.

Färg& Blanche “RED REcover” armchair 

Hospitality_design_ projects-couture_ suite_by_ Valentino-Färg& Blanche-RED REcover-1

Koket “Nessa” armchair

Hospitality_design_ projects-couture_ suite_by_ Valentino-nessa-chair-koket

Arne Jacobsen “Egg- Chair”


Hospitality_design_ projects-couture_ suite_by_ Valentino-Arne- Jacobsen-Egg- Chair

Brabbu “Kayapo” chair

Hospitality_design_ projects-couture_ suite_by_ Valentino-kayapo-dining-chair-Brabbu

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