Summer time has come! Design Contract suggests decoration ideas for commercial architects and interior designers to refresh interiors. Bright, bold and beautiful colors combined with naturalistic patterns and intriguing textures to create a living space that really captures the meaning of Summer in voque!

Interior design is an ever-changing and subjective industry and with a variety of designs, products and furniture to choose from, incorporates much more than you may think. Finding and settling on the right style can prove the most difficult step, which is why we pride ourselves on sourcing only the latest and greatest designs.
This week, Design Contract teamed up to capture the look and feel of summer 2014!

Patterns, Palettes & Fabrics

Summer is all about the patterns designed to stand out and bold colors can create an interior that not only stands out from the crowd, but offers an elegant and enjoyable place to relax at the same time. Chairs or sofas that are covered in dark fabric don’t convey the warm months of the year. Same applies for casegoods. Modernized ethnic fabrics and patterns, upholstery and colour-intense prints look like they will be a popular trend this year. Floral designs, striking patterns and wall mirrors can be mixed and matched with wall colors, flooring styles and simple furniture to create great effect. The more creative the better!

Interior-decor- ideas-for-Summer -2014

Adding a fresh pizazz to your home from far off exotic lands and nature inspired design furniture like can break up boring bland interiors and if authentic, can be fantastic conversational pieces. So if you see a cushion, print or covering which is oozing with culture this year; don’t shy away.

Interior-decor- ideas-for-Summer -2014-brabbu_hopi

Throw Etnia rug add an immediate splash of color to every room, too. While it might not be practical to go for white rugs, eco-friendly materials like hemp, jute and bamboo area rugs help transport the natural feel of the summer indoors.

Interior-decor- ideas-for-Summer -2014-etna-rug-brabbu

Vintage Look

Vintage interior design refers to the 1940′s and early 50′s. It is an era that most people remember either from their own childhood, or from the homes of grandparents. Therefore vintage is wonderfully nostalgic and feels comforting in a family home.

Interior-decor- ideas-for-Summer -2014-Delightfull-suspension

As interest in vintage decorating has grown, so has the very definition of the style. No longer synonymous with just the pre-loved and antique, ‘vintage’ style now encompasses the eclectic, eccentric and pieces that are lovingly handmade. Think a unique statement piece acquired at a market, or a family heirloom re-newed with a fresh coat of paint. Best of all ‘vintage’ is an affordable style that anyone can replicate in their home. This is a wonderfully, beautiful era to recreate in your home. It is extremely nostalgic and looks to an elegant time in history for influences.

Out with the old, doesn’t mean out with traditional designs. Creating a timeless interior from past styles can prove highlight effective and with the right additions, such as matching vintage furniture or, specially, era-influenced design lamp Evans or Ike.

nterior-decor- ideas-for-Summer -2014-delightfull_evans_01

Fabulous floral

Bring floral prints and ideas for your interiors. Place all this fabulous floral arrangements in a center or side table, a dining table, above your fireplace.
Placing flowers in your consoles, cabinets with some good decor accessories and great table lamps, it’s always a good decoration idea that brigns special feminine touch to every space.

Interior-decor- ideas-for-Summer -2014-3

In case are searching for furniture pieces to complement the floral prints inspited interior design project Design Contract advise you to check our amazing hand made furniture from Koket – it’s feminine lines and deep colour pallete will bring luxury for your private or commercial interior design project. View some of Koket’s most recent pieces here:
Left: FLORA Sonce | ADDICTA Mirror | OBSSEDIA Console
Right: HYPNOTIC Chandelier | TRÉSOR Stool | IVY Coffee Table | DÉLICE Chair

Interior-decor- ideas-for-Summer -2014-inspiration-Koket

Bring The Outdoors Indoors

Summer is perfect season to garnish interiors with flowers and plants and expecially wild animals inspired furniture can bring real life to any interior. The designers and craftsmen of this feminine luxurous Camilia armoire captured the essence and charm of the wild birds and move it into interiors. This can be perfect Summer decor inspiration for this season – a true art piece made exclusivelly to turn interiors more feminine more and seductive.

Interior-decor- ideas-for-Summer -2014-Koket-camilia-armoire-1

Interior-decor- ideas-for-Summer -2014-Koket-camilia-armoire-6

Top brass

What better way to complement the saturated colours of spring and summer than with the warm glow of brass and copper, like this Clark suspension from Delightfull? Across the London Design Festival’s exhibitions and trade shows last month, these two metals far outshone traditional silver and chrome. Other metallics are making an appearance, too.

Interior-decor- ideas-for-Summer -2014-delightfull_clark

Interior-decor- ideas-for-Summer -2014-delightfull_clark_02

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