Modern Chic interior decoration trend 2014 interest commercial architects and interior designers, especially the ones that make commercial interior design and luxury hotel design projects. Modern chic interiors decoration trend comes to combining colours and mixing of materials used. The conventional and common designs are joined together to create a more distinct style that not only ladies love but men admire as well. The key creating the modern chic feelign for any living room is  to combine a plain couch with colourful chic fabrics either for the throw pillows, drapes or even the couch itself. The goal is not to have them match at all! Place unique furnishings like vases, lamps and cool looking paintings or artworks and you are pretty much good to go. Cleanliness with plain walls along with a cluttered feel for the surroundings, the modern chic is like a girl with very less make up but is in a fashionably incredible dress with the best satin and a perfect glass slipper. Totally awe-struck, that is what we are to this lovely girl.

Design Contract will give you some tips. Follow our selection of best design projects and get inspired to change you’r or client’s living place.

Ordinarily painted rooms with an eccentric collection of items that are mixed together to create an aura of charm and beauty have been our inspiration for today’s article . You might think chic only goes for women – well, generally, the design is somewhat feminine, but just putting the right ingredients, designers are able to create a neutral environment both for men and women. Let us go ahead and take a look at the photos we have below.

Step 1: Define the style

Do you like stylish ultra modern furniture? Searching for the customized or limited edition furniture piece for your project? Have some antique “key pieces” that can dictate atmosphere of any living room? Create modern chic trend look interior with a romantic/feminine “touch”. Use a white background for the walls – there are many shades of white you can work with. Mixi brighter whites with aged whites to get sophisticated look. The usual accent colours are light blues, roses and sage greens, but you can certainly throw your own colours into the mix as long as they are muted, light or washed out. Remember that you are going for a gracefully aged look!

Doesn’t milk white and orange look together? This room looks wonderful with this combo and the use of different fabrics on the chairs is a usual for modern chic designs.


Modern_Chic-interior¬_design_trend_2014-advices¬_for_commercial_architects _and_interior_designers-7

Images: BoConcept

For the nature and art lovers… present Koket’s Enchanted family, inspired by the true nature of a mystical forest. To conceive the Enchanted family furniture pieces Koket’s designers and craftsmen masterfully captured the essence and charm of the forest and move them into our homes. Its antique gilded branch mesmerize and will embedded us into a delightsome, luscious and enchanted feminine furniture. These side and dining tables brings to interior the alluring essence of an enchanted forest.

Modern_Chic-interior¬_design_trend_2014-advices¬_for_commercial_architects _and_interior_designers-koket2

Modern_Chic-interior¬_design_trend_2014-advices¬_for_commercial_architects _and_interior_designers-koket4

Modern_Chic-interior¬_design_trend_2014-advices¬_for_commercial_architects _and_interior_designers-Koket


Step 2: Don’t get sloppy

There is a fine line between looking cosy and comfortable and looking undone. Choosing furniture pieces make sure your throws are a bit more formal. Also, make sure that items don’t appear too distressed or used as this will cheapen the look of your room. Don’t you just love the gray walls contrasting the white wall decors with the cute color palette chosen?

Modern_Chic-interior¬_design_trend_2014-advices¬_for_commercial_architects _and_interior_designersModern_Chic-interior¬_design_trend_2014-advices¬_for_commercial_architects _and_interior_designers-11

Image: Wisteria

… get lost in the moment with KOKET’s sultry black velvets, cream silks, exotic reptile skins, decadent furs, bronze venetians, black crystals and beautiful gold accents. Exotic Opulence Collection by KOKET.  Collection composed of dramatic case goods, luscious upholstery, exquisite lighting and decadent furs; all of which mesmerize with their magical mineral medley, lux metallic, vibrant jewel tones and exotic peacock feathers.

Modern_Chic-interior¬_design_trend_2014-advices¬_for_commercial_architects _and_interior_designers-4

Modern_Chic-interior¬_design_trend_2014-advices¬_for_commercial_architects _and_interior_designers-5

Step 3: Give something old new life

The great benefit to the modern chick trend is that it is recycling/reusing at it’s best! You have the opportunity to give new life for old pieces, eclectic interior is all about adding a sense of personality and uniqueness that you can’t simply purchase from a “home décor” catalogue. Just look at the ceilings… they disctate entire atmospehere of the suite.

Modern_Chic-interior¬_design_trend_2014-advices¬_for_commercial_architects _and_interior_designers-3

Step 4: Don’t mach

Forget matching your dressers, headboard and nightstands – instead try to find unique hand made furniture or limited edition design furniture pieces that complement each other. An stylish armoire, delicate side table, or an antique vanity table would all be great choices. Also, think about complementary colours like rose and sage versus going overboard with pinks.

This room totally looks divine with the fireplace it has. The colorful throw pillows in the couch gives life to this all white room. Cute pendant light, great area rug, and a unique coffee table in the middle of the room with orange pillows all around the place.

Modern_Chic-interior¬_design_trend_2014-advices¬_for_commercial_architects _and_interior_designers-1

Image: Alvhem Makleri and Interior

Step 5: Accessorize

Place a lace doily on the nightstand alongside the bed. You can also decorate the nightstand with some old pictures in antique silver frames. Utilize iron – scour antique stores for wrought iron chairs, tables, candle holders, picture frames, even chandeliers. If the wrought iron includes decorative flowers, all the better!

The combination of white, pink and blue sure looks great in this living area. The disco ball with the painting sure gives drama to this one! Look at the colorful and inspiring wall artwork, even placing some on the floor makes this room classy and chic. The third photo is a close up photo with this beautiful metallic golden vase. This room with everything almost gray is charmed by the cluttered look it has with all the colorful stuff in the space.

Modern_Chic-interior¬_design_trend_2014-advices¬_for_commercial_architects _and_interior_designers-10

Modern_Chic-interior¬_design_trend_2014-advices¬_for_commercial_architects _and_interior_designers-9

Modern_Chic-interior¬_design_trend_2014-advices¬_for_commercial_architects _and_interior_designers-6

Images: The LennoxxAlvhem Makleri and InteriorMark Herron.

Add “sensual touch” to interior with Passionate Red Nessa Chair from Koket . Classic in its silhouette, the lustrous curves of this chair complement those of the modern day woman. High gloss varnish reveals the many hues of the sultry satin being draped and adorned. Detailed stitching trails along the edges leading down a path to solid wood legs elegantly finished in gold leaf.

Modern_Chic-interior¬_design_trend_2014-advices¬_for_commercial_architects _and_interior_designers-koket3

Modern_Chic-interior¬_design_trend_2014-advices¬_for_commercial_architects _and_interior_designers-koket5We are pretty sure that you loved the designs secected by Design Contract. These projects should inspire commercial architects and interior designers… mix things up and we’re sure you know how it may actually look like!

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