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The most important part of a business is the clients and retaining them. Creating a shopping experience rather than a shopping chore is crucial for survival in the current retail market.

With all of the retail choices people have today, it’s important that your store stands out from the normality of other shops. A commercial establishment’s strong brand image is the initial spark of interest for a client because of relation. The trick now is to provide the client with an unforgettable experience while remaining consistent with the brand image.

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Unforgettable experiences are the building blocks of the foundation for a memorable client relationship. These building blocks are the result of powerful connections with clients each time they interact with, or experience a company’s products or services.


The ability to replicate memorable experiences is the key to growing and developing an upstanding brand that provides organizations with a sustainable, competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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In order to develop an extraordinary experience, it is essential to know the brand’s target audience and how to cater those products and services to their needs. The key is a willingness to understand customer interactions, and the knowledge to innovate the experience.  One of the best examples of this, is the drastic result achieved by companies such as Starbucks and Apple, who have taken a commodity product and turned it into a powerhouse experience.

The design industry is saturated with people longing for the next big design to stimulate their senses.  This is creating an interaction beyond, for example, testing the firmness of a sofa. Four key actions will guarantee a lasting effect on your audience the next time they enter your door. Sense appeal, interaction, uniqueness, and an amazing follow up.

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With the growing online industry giving shops a run for their money, stores are forced to exceed the convenience of the “click” by establishing a sensory connection with clients. The best method to do this is fashioning a space and product that appeals to the senses of touch, sight, smell and sound, while still maintaining the image of the brand. The brand heritage and future should radiate from the design. This includes everything from the structure of the piece to scent and sound, to the choice of materials.

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An inviting and welcoming entrance will entice the client to enter and explore the space. Their unforgettable experience starts the moment they emerge themselves in a brand. Companies that want to portray a modern image for their brand can use the technology that initially jeopardized them to their advantage by engaging clients in an interactive digital experience. One way of blurring the  defined line between “click” and “brick” is creating a customer profile and showcasing products picked just for them on tablets when they visit. Using this technology, clients could even visualize your brand in their life with advanced visualization technology.

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Finally, the most powerful action towards an unforgettable experience is the capability to create an internal or personal connection with their client. There is a reason first impressions are so important, but the last impression must also be just as memorable for the experience to be complete. Positive and engaging interaction with customers is the greatestinfluential asset to delivering unforgettable product or service experiences. Not only must the professional engage in these experiences and be consistent with brand image, but the staff as well. The unapproachable sales person can drive a client away from a product they truly desire.

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Amazing follow ups and consistent store revamps are the cherries-on-top of an unforgettable experience. Every month, when the landing page on the website changes, also change the windows and in store display to match.

Client retention starts with an unforgettable experience design. Not only does it strengthen brand identity, but more important, creates a loyalty that can last a lifetime.

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