Design Contract present the hottest summer trend of 2014 – the feminine chic look.  This year chick look combines white with contracting bright details, neutrals and golden touches, characteristics of the beach life, aged and distressed furniture. That is a quite soft style which fits perfectly for cottages but can be used at your home too. It easily can add a feminine touch to any interior and make it quite unique. Here are some tips to bring elegance into the interiors of your home.

Summer-Trends- 2014-Feminine- Chic-Interiors-2

Bring In The Fabrics: No rules to follow here as long as it compliments your decorating scheme overall. Consider softer fabrics that you might find in your Grandma’s attic, cotton, toiles, lace and chenille in beautiful prints, stripes, flowers or other patterns or go for the sophisticated like KOKET Fabric Collection. Just look at this vibe is flirty, a little delicate, ever so slightly vintage Parisian Femininity inspired Collete sofa of Koket, or luscious velvet Tresor stools with fine brass finishes. Anything goes. Use fabrics for slip covers, arm chair covers, as well as for your window treatments.

Summer-Trends- 2014-Feminine- Chic-Interiors-colette-sofa-tresor-stool-chloe-sconce-blackcobra-rug-koket-projects

Go On a Furniture Safari or National details: Stop by the local flea market, salvage shops, second hand stores.You are on the hunt for older pieces with curved lines and an undeniable vintage flair. Shabby Chic furniture tends to be on the large side; comfortable, soft and inviting. For those that are creative; painting and stressing a furniture piece to reflect the time worn look will help to achieve your end goal.


Accessorizing: There is a certain sparkle to be added to a chic interior, consider a beautiful chandelier like Eternity that dances on the ceiling when the sunlight hits it, or picture frames that glisten with silver or gold – just enough that it will catch your eye. Toss pillows made with a vintage fabric on the sofa, and use a timeless throw made of vintage materials and some sexy golder details like Chandra chair or Exotica desk. Also, you can’t go wrong with fresh flowers in crystal vases or live green plants.

Summer-Trends- 2014-Feminine- Chic-Interiors-eternity-chandelier-chandra-chair-exotica-desk-koket-projects

If you are trying to recreate the casual essentials of chic in your home, these tips will help to get you started. Keep in mind this design style is supposed to look timeless and comfortable. While you can have formal details, the overall aesthetic should make you want to escape the busy world outside and retreat into soft tones, comfortable fabrics, and a vintage vibe inside your home. This is a beautiful trending style and we have plenty of different spaces decorated in shabby chic that will hopefully bring some interesting ideas and inspiration to your design project.


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