Design Contract present the most luxury hotel Suites for a Perfect Summer Holidays – feel the five-star comfort in the world’s most amazing hotels!

Without further ado, here are our Top 5 of a Perfect Suites for Your Summer Holidays:

The Peninsula Hong Kong – China

This neoclassical building with a modern tower near the Star Ferry terminal in Kowloon is a hallmark of class from days gone by. Gorgeously appointed suites marry European style with Asian touches in blue, green, gold, and ivory hues. From the Rolls-Royce airport pickup to the afternoon tea, this hotel offer one of the best service in the world.

Choose-a-Perfect- Suite-for-Your- Summer- Holidays-the-peninsula-hong-kong-hong-kong-china   Choose-a-Perfect- Suite-for-Your- Summer- Holidays-The Peninsula Hong Kong   Choose-a-Perfect- Suite-for-Your- Summer- Holidays-peninsula-hong-kong

Luxury Hotel Infante De Sagres by Boca do Lobo – Portugal

Situated in Porto’s UNESCO Heritage city centre this five-star hotel suites combine neo-baroque and custom-made furnishings. The Well-appointed rooms and suites at Infante de Sagres offer the perfect urban retreat in Porto, combining original antiques, a superb collection of modern works of art and custom-designed furniture. Throughout the hotel, a classic Europeans sensibility mixes with the best contemporary design – a harmonious blend that results in a comfortable, luxurious and unforgettable stay.

Choose-a-Perfect- Suite-for-Your- Summer- Holidays-Infante_Sagres

Choose-a-Perfect- Suite-for-Your- Summer- Holidays-porto-hotel-infante-sagres-boca-do-lobo-suite

No surprise, Boca do Lobo took their chance to leave one more “signature” in this luxury design hotel – design “Boca do Lobo suite” – a unigue concept suite where hotel visitors will be able for feel and touch the spirit of Boca do Lodo design pieces and hand made vintage lamps of Boca do Lobo partner Delightfull.

Choose-a-Perfect- Suite-for-Your- Summer- Holidays-boca-do-lobo   Choose-a-Perfect- Suite-for-Your- Summer- Holidays-boca-do-lobo-suite

The New York Palace – New York, USA

Just few steps from St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Rockefeller Center and Saks Fifth Avenue, The New York Palace is a legendary hotel located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan. This award-winning property offers a prime location, magnificent views, gracious accommodations and unrivalled service.

Choose-a-Perfect- Suite-for-Your- Summer- Holidays-NY-Palace

The iconic New York Palace hotel completed its $140 million renovations last year. Among other things, the renovations included two new triplex suites: The Jewel Suite by jeweler Martin Katz and The Champagne Suite. These two 5,000-square-foot suites are located on the 53rd floor in The Towers, the Palace’s exclusive hotel-within-a-hotel.

Choose-a-Perfect- Suite-for-Your- Summer- Holidays-new-york

Choose-a-Perfect- Suite-for-Your- Summer- Holidays-the-grand-parlor-has-floor-to-ceiling-windows-with-amazing-views-of-the-chrysler-building

Choose-a-Perfect- Suite-for-Your- Summer- Holidays-suite-hok-teamed-up-with-martin-katz-renowned

Choose-a-Perfect- Suite-for-Your- Summer- Holidays-new-york-palace

The Blow Up Hall 5050 – Poland

The Blow Up Hall 5050 is another European hotel which sets a futuristic tone. Located in Poznan, Poland, the hotel does not only boast beautifully designed suites but also makes use of 21st-century technology. Guests are handed an iPhone when they check in to open their rooms’ doors.

Choose-a-Perfect- Suite-for-Your- Summer- Holidays-Hotel-Blow Up Hall 5050

Choose-a-Perfect- Suite-for-Your- Summer- Holidays-Blow Up Hall 5050-1

Choose-a-Perfect- Suite-for-Your- Summer- Holidays-Blow Up Hall 5050

Choose-a-Perfect- Suite-for-Your- Summer- Holidays-Blowup-Hall

The Peninsula Hotel in Paris – France

The Peninsula Paris sets the new standards in design, luxury and comfort. Perfectly situated at 19 Avenue Kléber, just steps from the Arc de Triomphe, The Peninsula sits in the heart of Paris within walking distance of some of the world’s most famous monuments, museums and luxury shopping districts.

Choose-a-Perfect- Suite-for-Your- Summer- Holidays-the peninsula-paris

Choose-a-Perfect- Suite-for-Your- Summer- Holidays-the-peninsula-paris

The Peninsula Paris is located in a late 19th century classic Haussmanian building, which first opened as one of Paris’s most luxurious “grands hotels” in 1908. Steeped in history, the property has been meticulously restored and discreetly modernised with the ultimate in 21st century convenience. The Peninsula houses 200 luxurious rooms, including 34 suites, which are among the most spectacular in the city.

Choose-a-Perfect- Suite-for-Your- Summer- Holidays-peninsula paris-suite

Six years in the making, some of France’s finest artisans were hand-picked to undertake this stunning restoration. From the building façade to interior elements including fine marble, rich wood panelling and gold leaf finishing, the result is the ultimate in French craftsmanship.

Choose-a-Perfect- Suite-for-Your- Summer- Holidays-peninsula-paris-room

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