Lighting is such an invention that apart from its functional purpose has a huge decorative value too. Some fixtures are able to completely change the look of the space. Especially it refers to big ceiling lights and chandeliers, which I personally adore. One of the latest design trends is that chandeliers are not necessarily put in the middle of the room as it used to be, but rather above the place which you want to highlight and draw attention to – whether it is a quirky sofa, beautiful armchair or dining table. Lets have a look at some 2014 lighting tendencies from sculptural minimalism influences, perfect for modern lofts and apartments, or traditional and eclectic spaces to the the wall-sculpted illuminators, Moroccan style pendant lamps that are an enlightening feature to any modern living room, instantly bringing a warm and exotic feel to the house. 2014 expected to be dominated by circular frag-mental fixtures and golden plated surfaces that will remain one of the most trendy finishings this year.

Design Contract present selection of Top 10 Trendiest lamps 2014 by Houzz:

Spinning BH2 Suspension Light in Matte Gray by &Tradition

Matte is in, glossy out! Spinning BH2 Suspension Light in Dark Matte Grey design by Benjamin Hubert for &Tradition. Top_10-Trendiest_ lamps_2014-byHouzz_Benjamin_Hubert_ for_&_Tradition

Madeleine suspension lamp by Delightfull 

Madeleine – light, gentle and elegant gold plated, and White Matte & Gold Powder Painted suspension, adds a French touch to any cool commercial establishment. Its structure is handmade in brass and the lampshades in aluminum, it is also possible to have with an adjustable drawbar so that you can move it anytime.

Top_10-Trendiest_ lamps_2014-byHouzz_delightfull_madeleine_suspension_lamp

SR2 Mega Bulb Pendant Light Gold by &Tradition

Gold is the new black! SR2 Mega Bulb Pendant Light in Gold Luster Transparent glass design by Sofie Refer for &Tradition.

Top_10-Trendiest_ lamps_2014-byHouzz_Sofie_Refer_for &Tradition

Bestlite BL10 Wall Light in Black by Gubi

Back to classics! BL10 Wall Light in Black design by Robert Dudley Best for Bestlite.

Top_10-Trendiest_ lamps_2014-byHouzz_Robert_Dudley_Best_for_Bestlite

Hypnotic chandelier by Koket

This sleek and elegant polished brass and black glass Hypnotic chandelier coils and bends in golden spirals; weaving itself elaborately within the sharp polished lines of the hexagonal silhouette.

Top_10-Trendiest_ lamps_2014-byHouzz_Koket-hypnotic-chandelier

Hinaki Pendant Light by David Trubridge

Made of bamboo plywood! Hinaki Suspension Light in White design by David Trubridge.

Top_10-Trendiest_ lamps_2014-byHouzz_Hinaki_Pendant_Light_by_David-Trubridge

HORUS Suspension Ligh by Brabbu

HORUS Suspension Light promises to be a reference in your home’s interior design, creating a magical scenario in your dining room, living room or in your entrance hall. Being an atmosphere creator, this contemporary lighting piece unifies all the ambience’s elements. Handmade in brass, the structure is also copper plated and matte black lacquered. The shaders are made from glass, reflecting the light to every corner of the ambience due to its transparency will lighten up your mood.

Link Pendant Light by LZF

Made of plywood veneer in various colors! Link Suspension Light in Red design by Ray Power for LZF.

Top_10-Trendiest_ lamps_2014-byHouzz_Link_Pendant_Light_by-LZF

The Skyscraper floor lamp by Boca do Lobo

The Skyscraper floor lamp from Boca Do Lobo is a cool combination of opposing styles in hot hues that illuminate your home with their chic, unique aesthetic. This collection of floor lamps has an unmistakable retro throw-back quality with its fringed fabric shade, which is set atop a carved mahogany base boasting classically elaborate details. Not only does the style transition as you move from top to bottom, so too does the finish, evolving from bright white bottom to vibrantly colored top. Even in the dark, this cool lamp design is a bright spot in any room. But when lit, you simply can’t take your eyes off this unusual, one-of-a-kind piece. The Skyscraper floor lamp carved in mahogany, with a turned structure in wood. Finishing lacquered in white with a degradé in customized colours.

Top_10-Trendiest_ lamps_2014-byHouzz_Skyscraper_lamp-by-Boca_ do-Lobo


Top_10-Trendiest_ lamps_2014-byHouzz_Skyscraper_ floor_lamp_ by_Boca_do_ Lobo

Discoco Pendant Light in White by Marset

Discoco Suspension Light in White design by Christophe Mathieu for Marset.

Top_10-Trendiest_ lamps_2014-byHouzz_Discoco_Pendant_Light-Marset

Which of these lighting fixtures do you like most? What other trends do you predict for 2014? Looking forward for your comments!

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