From an underwater retreat to a leaning tower, take a look at some of the wildest and most design-driven hotels across the world! It is a stunning virtual trip, and hopefully will turn out in a real one someday! We’ve found the top hotels that shatter all your expectation!


Ice Hotel is located in a small village named Jukkasjärvi in Sweden. Crafted from ice and snow, each year Ice Hotel is rebuilt by visiting artists and creators. Though the temperature never drops below 23 degrees Fahrenheit, guests don thermal underwear and hats and slip into a sleeping bag atop blocks of ice, a thick mattress, and reindeer skins. Winter at Ice Hotel is an experience unlike any other.


You stay in beautiful suites surrounded by artwork made of snow and ice, which lets you experience winter up close!


Hyatt Capital Gate Tower  in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Inaugurated this fall, this leaning hotel has the greatest angle in the world. We are dreaming about this curvaceous tower, which has passed its halfway mark and is designed not to be the largest or tallest building in the world, but one with the most breathtaking aesthetic.



Absolutely stunning!



Les Cols Pavellons, Olot, Spain! With doors, walls, ceilings, and even floors made completely of green glass and black steel, this surreal space is futuristic, eerie, and intriguing all at once.



But though it may seem stark, the glass construction welcomes the influence of nature and adds organic style. Here, a glass floor allows a visitor to view the raw earth beneath.


It is impossible stay indifferent with this one! There’s something undeniably sensual about Poseidon Undersea Resort. Located in the cerulean waters of a Fiji lagoon and accessible only by elevator are suites submerged a full 40 feet underwater.

Top-5-Wildest-Hotels-in-the-World-Poseidon-1Top-5-Wildest-Hotels-in-the-World-Poseidon-2Top-5-Wildest-Hotels-in-the-World-Poseidon-3Top-5-Wildest-Hotels-in-the-World-Poseidon-4No oxygen required, it has all the luxuries of an above ground getaway but with an unparalleled view.Breathtaking!


Hotel Fox, Copenhagen, Denmark.



Composed of 61 rooms designed and decorated by 21 artists and groups, Hotel Fox takes art, urban living, and personal expression to a whole new level!