Other boutique hotels are great if you just like sleeping. Book a room at Nhow Berlin if you’re looking to get more out of your stay. Design Contract invites you to surround yourself with the latest music, design, art & fashion from Berlin, in a hotel designed by renowned interior designer Karim Rashid.

NHow Berlin Hotel designed by Karim Rashid

The second NHow hotel (the first is in Milan), the brand is an extension of the NH Hotels, a hospitality design group mostly aimed at business travelers known for its quality service and their ability to immerse all properties into their surrounding communities.

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Best Berlin Hotels NHow designed by Karim Rashid

NHow Berlin is an example for other boutique hotels to rally their creative teams and get going on the competition!  Design, art and music are the main features of the NHow, which first opened in November 2010.

Karim Rashid Outstanding Hotel Design Nhow Hotel (13)

Karim Rashid  was responsible for the interiors and the furniture design of the 304 rooms and suites of the hotel (233 standard rooms, 25 VIP class rooms, 45 junior suites and the NHow Suite) – furniture that was custom made for this exact hotel. Guests of NHow Berlin can choose pink, blue, or grey rooms (all with floors to match).

Nhow Berlin Hotel bedroomNhow Berlin Hotel bedroom

The aesthetic is referred to as ”digi-pop design” in the hotel design press literature and can best be described as a visual funhouse; liquid-like plastic, colorful lighting, bold colors everywhere, furniture that looks like it was puffed up, stretched out, and carved out of Play-doh… different shapes and sizes, a psychedelic treat throughout the hotel.

Karim Rashid Outstanding Hotel Design Nhow HotelKarim Rashid Outstanding Hotel Design Nhow Hotel

Karim Rashid Outstanding Hotel Design Nhow HotelKarim Rashid Outstanding Hotel Design Nhow Hotel

The architect wanted to create a place you had never quite seen before, one that you couldn’t compare to prior experiences or spaces.

NHow Berlin dining room area

This brings us to what makes the NHow Berlin extra special, the Music element.  No other hotel in Europe can boast two music recording studios housed inside.  It was no mistake the Nhow was placed in the heart of “Berlin’s new centre of the music industry”.

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Hospitality design best berlin hotels NHow BerlinHospitality design best berlin hotels NHow Berlin

This is a true work of art in progress, one that if done successfully, will keep changing for as long as the building stands.  That is the beauty of architecture and design.

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