Design Contarct present the amazing office interior design project. Google offices are famous wordwide for their out of the box  concempt. This time we present russian tradition inspired Goole office project in Moscow.

Favorable to their employees, is a place where they feel welcomed and comfortable.


Here the reception you can see the games in the background.


These offices were designed by Camenzind Evolution, and were thought to reflect the heat, making them more coozy, and satisfying the business needs of the workers, not neglecting the strong identity of the Russian people.


The space is awesome and warm, and offering workers a functional work environment and great furniture designs for office interior.


The diversity of working environments is probably the most interesting aspect of the Google Office in Moscow, offering all the functionality to work individually or in a group.

As far as cafeterias go, Moscow-based Googlers could do worse. Inspired by classical Russian dining chambers, the buffets are clad in exquisite tiles crafted by local monks. While many cafeterias are harsh, bright and uncomfortable, Google’s is warm and comfortable like a diner or home.


A good place to make a work break…


The space is extremely stylish. The walls of translucent glass, have a cover that allows workers to some privacy.


One of the materials used, are wooden cutting boards, which are applied as wallpaper or flooring as paines.


Got inspired? Maybe now you want to search some unusual pieces for your own office launge space ar coffe bar? How abouth comfortable armchair?

Koket Delice archair 



Koket Geisha chair


Koket Nessa chair 

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