Bishop Design - From Dubai to the World

Paul Bishop founded his remarkable design studio, called BishopDesign in 2004, and has been impressing ever since. Inspired by some of the most iconic personalities in the interior design industry, such as Vivienne Westwood, Ettore Sottsass, Carlo Scarpa, the deconstructivist movement in ID & architecture, Marcel Duchamp, Ron Arad, Ridley Scott, and Jamie Reed, he has become one of the most searched interior designers.

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Bishop Design - From Dubai to the World

Passionate about the numerous possibilities that the interior design industry brings to him every day, Paul Bishop has continuously completed projects across the entire MENA region as well as Internationally.

Bishop Design - From Dubai to the World

“No day is the same. One day I may be throwing a minimum of different restaurant layouts around and the next I’m engaged into choosing materials for a nightclub. They say you never work a day in your life if you love what you do, and I am endlessly in love with the chaos that is Bishop Design!”

“We are all born with wings, but only those who dare to dream will learn to fly”.

Bishop Design - From Dubai to the World

Like any interior design studio, Paul Bishop and his team had to exceed several obstacles throughout all journey, in order to become the famous international interior design firm that it is today.

A few years back, Bishop Design studio’s core suffered some major changes in the internal structure of the company as well as in its ideologies, so that the business could turn out the success that is now internationally recognised.

Bishop Design - From Dubai to the World

“We migrated from perhaps a more elegant and modern outlook to our honest disruptive personality. Like all transformations, it was new and daunting evolving so drastically and settling into fresh ways of doing things. But it was the best move we could ever have made” 

“Clients reactions will always remain as the essence of everything that we do. When I see their face and hear their raptures as we bring their visions to life; nothing exceeds that feeling.”

Bishop Design - From Dubai to the World


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Paul Bishop as continuously completed projects across the entire MENA region as well as Internationally. Distinguished by a unique design style, the interior designer is famous for breaking boundaries in his amazing design projects.

Nowadays, the interior design studio features an excellent and award-winning portfolio of Commercial, Hospitality, Retail and Residential projects have been secured through recommendation, referral and repeat business.

Bishop Design - From Dubai to the World


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“I take pride in executing a slightly more rebellious style, seen in recent works inclusive of Torno Subito, Wavehouse and Toro & KO, where the interior stands out from the city’s offerings. It is a style that the demographic definitely craved for, so to satisfy that feels phenomenal”

“The studio is at the core of everything Ido. Built fro a warehouse in Al Quoz 15 years ago, to now a fully established firm with over 30 incredible personnel, I’ve had an absolute pleasure working alongside some amazing Clients on some truly revolutionary projects. I wouldn’t have changed any aspect of my design career, although I never intended my professional life to pan out the way it has.”

Bishop Design - From Dubai to the World


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As for future expectations, Paul Bishop believes that he has already accomplished most of his lifelong dreams. He has created his incredible design studio from nothing and elevated it to become one of the UAE’s leading interior design firms with over 75 international awards. 

The success is mainly owed to the dedication and personal touch that is applied to each and every project executed.

“We attract such a diverse range of Clientele and boast such an eclectic selection of works. Every client has a unique vision and mindset which sets a distinctive contrast between every project that comes through the studio. No day is ever the same – I love that!”

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Bishop Design has received over sixty awards both regionally and Internationally including being named the Interior Design Boutique Firm of the Year at the Commercial Interior Design Awards for two consecutive years where, according to the judges, the success of the diverse range of projects illustrates the powerful grasp Bishop Design has on the regions Interior Design industry.

 From Michelin star chefs and celebrities, through to fitness fanatics and global restaurant chains, they have created design project for some of the world’s top personalities.

Bishop Design - From Dubai to the World

“We tend to collaborate with other companies for events, such as Downtown Design with House of Negroni where we designed the exhibitions first-ever licensed stand, or the Time Out Music & Nightlife Awards here in Dubai where we partnered with contracting masterminds ECC Renovations to create a unique winners photo backdrop in the form of an awesome Ball Pit!

I also have had the privilege to collaborate with furniture heavyweights Poltrona Frau on a revolutionary new bespoke item called the Rockstar Bar which stands as a must-have for any modern-day gentleman, and a new innovative collection for lighting giants Artemide.”

It is through Bishop Design’s execution of well-planned design solutions, extensive expertise of product knowledge and costs along with the dedicated coordination and supervision, that their portfolio holds hundreds of successfully executed projects worldwide.

Bishop Design - From Dubai to the World

Utilising state of the art materials and products, incorporating bespoke custom-made pieces, enables Paul Bishop studio to continually expand and develop new design methods in the ever-changing market.

“This market to have bred an era of “Disruptors” as a selection of designers continue to break the boundaries and explore new techniques in order to stay competitive and provide the demographic with truly unique and unprecedented experiences.”

Being one of the biggest references in the interior design world, Paul Bishop thinks the industry is getting more adventurous in terms of colours and artistic content created through different methods.

“Spaces are required to adopt a different approach that breaks away from the norm in order to stand out in an overloaded market, with colour being an influential design detail which creates a unique identity for any venue”

“In the design world, nothing rapidly springs to mind. It seems to be a lost art form as modern technology takes over although some may argue that advances in certain technologies could be considered craftsmanship, however, it’s true that even some traditional design elements are seen in architecture (sacred geometry, arches etc.) cannot even be reproduced by machines in the present day.”

Paul Bishop believes that chef Massimo Bottura is one of the best examples that represent today’s craftsmanship concept since he is the process behind his creations as he constantly innovates diverse dishes which are curated by hand.  

According to Bishop, he represents the essence of the craftsmanship concept ( something done manually, by hand and by a human). “I find myself asking, is there such a thing as craftsmanship in design anymore?”, enquires the interior designer.  

Bishop Design - From Dubai to the World

Paul Bishop believes that the future of the design industry is quite uncertain. For him, “trends exist, but they are transient; the next generation does not rely on them. Therefore, do not limit yourself to what is current or hot at this moment, but rather focus on unique and revolutionary solutions, for it is this way of thinking that will truly define the design world to come.”

“The narrative echoes the sentiments of a Parisian past and Parisian future. This combination of extremities perfectly epitomizes where Chef Jean’s beliefs and passion for cuisine lies. In both designs, although different in their physical offering, will equally enforce a natural connection with their guests through each of their intriguing narratives as they use cultural roots as inspiration”

As for current design projects, Paul Bishop‘s design studio is working on a luxurious destination for the renowned brand SLS, famous for their timeless classic aesthetics, in downtown Dubai.

This approach of drawing from roots and culture is also introduced in another of Bishop Design‘s latest F&B designs in the W Hotel Opera for Chef Jean-Edern in Paris, France.

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