The Campana Brothers is a Brazilian Design Studio, created by Humberto Campana and Fernando Campana, that has been making headlines for several years.

“I love the challenge of looking for new ideas, discovering new ways of working with materials, collaborating with different people and imagining ‘new landscapes’. I love being part of their daily lives and discover ways of improving it, whether it’s in a rural or urban setting through an object, architecture or social projects”

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Campana Brothers - Innovating the World of Design

In 1983, the two brothers teamed up to make furniture made of ordinary materials including scrap and waste products such as cardboard, rope, cloth and wood scraps, plastic tubes and aluminium wire. From 1997, some of the Campana Brothers products including the Vermelha chair began to be produced and sold in Italy.

In 1998 the Campana Brothers became the first Brazilian artists to exhibit their work at The Museum of Modern Art in New York, along with German lighting designer Ingo Maurer. In 2002, the renowned interior designers started crafting their own line of limited editions and unique pieces handmade at the studio in Sao Paulo.

Throughout the years, the Campana Brothers have faced a few obstacles in their professional path, but there was one specific moment that marked the Brazilian interior designers.

“I have to stay it was transitioning from one-of-a-kind, limited edition pieces to mass production. We overcame it thanks to people like Massimo Morozzi, art director at Edra at the time, who was keen to spread our design philosophy applying their industrial expertise and invited us to work together.

That’s how Vermelha was put into production in 1998, five years after it was created in our studio. We initially thought it would be a limited edition but as it turned out, it is still being produced today and it’s one of our most recognised pieces.”

Besides this incredible episode, Fernando Campana also highlighted as an important point of his career the hospitality project of the New Hotel in Athens, Greece, and the interior design project of the Café Campana for Musée D’Orsay.

Campana Brothers - Innovating the World of Design

Besides being the Campana Brothers‘ first architectural project, the New Hotel was the first design where the interior designers incorporated a school inside the hotel where the students and the designers were in charge to recycle as much as possible in the project.

As for the Café Campana project, Fernando enhances that he “was very grateful for being trusted by them with a carte blanche to create a space from our vision to exist in a place that is a masterpiece in itself”.

“To deal with people and learn about their habits, to understand what makes them tick, and to take part in their lives by proposing new ways of experiencing life.” The Campana Brothers have that feeling of mission accomplished when they know that they fulfilled the clients’ needs and expectations right in the original idea.

“I love it when the processes, techniques, implementation, all come together seamlessly. In other words, when the seed blossoms into fruit the way it was meant to be, without compromising its essence”, explained Humberto.

Campana Brothers - Innovating the World of Design

Every bespoke product of the Campana Brothers‘inspiring collection is designed by them. Some of their bespoke furniture designs are the result of successful partnerships between the Brazilian interior designers and other artists.

“We are always open to new partnerships. They seek to be associated with our brand and our ethos, but we normally start from an internal lab process first. We have to share similar philosophies to be worth it”, explained Humberto.


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The Campana Brothers dedicate their inspiring collections to the art and design lovers that seek new ways of looking at the world, away from banalities and the conventional, who connect to life at a different level.

“Our client type is one who gives us complete freedom to create. They foresee the future and seek elements that will add value to their brand in the form of a more comfortable, creative, whimsical future”, explained Fernando.

Currently, the interior designers from the Campana Brothers are developing several design projects in their studio based in São Paulo.

“Right now we are working on a large solo exhibit we are preparing for an important museum in Rio, but at the moment I am interested in projects that deal with the urban scale.”

Campana Brothers - Innovating the World of Design

The Campana Brothers studio is represented by Friedman Benda in New York, Carpenters Workshop Gallery in London and Paris, as well as Galleria O in Rome. When questioned about the design trends that are going to mark the interior design industry, the Brazilian interior designers think that the future of design relies on sustainable solutions and ancient craftsmanship techniques.

“That means looking at human resources with care making their staff part of the process and preserving their self-esteem. We need to acknowledge their importance in the whole process”.

Fernando Campana, a passionate for Brazilian craftsmanship and sustainable resources, believes that the biggest problem relies on the daily routine that our society is used to, like the excess use of smartphones and social media.

“This need to have instant information and constant contact at their fingertips is creating a society of anxious people, so perhaps I would like to see a world where people can disconnect and take time to look at their inner-selves. Our latest creation for Louis Vuitton, the Bulbo chair, is a hint to what I mean here.”

Campana Brothers - Innovating the World of Design

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In case you don’t know, this bespoke chair design created by the Campana Brothers invites you to take a sit and be embraced by a soft, giant tropical flower.

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