Article written by Diogo Carvalho, Designer.

The combination of the best food with a great decor can make a restaurant one of the most stylish restaurants in the world. Even if eating at one of this stunning restaurants from all over the world isn’t in your plans for now, you can still feast your eyes in this ideas.


Straight from Ljubljana, Lolita Café. The herringbone floor with the mix of light and dark woods is, definitely, a great idea.


Far away from Ljubljana, in Mexico City, meet Romita Comedor. Black walls, dark woods and this tile floor gives us an unexpected stylish ambiance.


In California we have the beautiful Farmshop. Thatl full-wall mural makes all the difference, giving a touch of drama to the room.


Let’s take a look at Copenhagen in Verandah. Extremely beautiful with the mix of greys and blues. the details in metalic make a perfect modern interior.



New York never let us down, right? The Musket Room is one of the stylish places to have a great diner. It looks stunning with the textures and the blue… I’ve heard the blue is the warmest color!