10 years ago Michael and Elen became an interior design duo. These last 5 as a couple. Together they have designed apartments, private residences, offices, bars, restaurants, cafes, lofts and penthouses. Living in an amazing and enigmatic city as Moscow, they say that every day is about managing to learn something new, never without their ritual: a cup of tea or coffee for tough days! Geometrix Design is a creation of them, throughout they show us a geometric concept. We will introduce you one of those incredible projects: Rompharm Office. Take a look.


I bet you cannot think a better name to suit them. Geometric patterns are predominant in almost every aspect of this office projects. From the hexagonal floor tiles, to the triangular patterned walls, the angular furniture… all of the elements were carefully thought and work perfectly! The touch of orange contrasts perfectly with greyish ambiance.