Landau und Kindelbacher Architekten was founded by Gerhard Landau and Ludwig Kindelbacher. This architecture and interior design company are based in Munich, in Thierschstrasse between the River Isar and the center of the city. At the moment the team is composed of about 60 interior designers and architects. Over the years they have received several awards.

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Landau + Kindelbacher Architekten

Over time, they have developed a sense of quality that is based on sustainable, durable materials and efficient technologies. While designing classical and modern buildings and spatial concepts. In this sense, Landau und Kindelbacher Architekten can look back over a wonderful history while being completely up-to-date. The respective values simply add up. 

Premium quality is shown on the one hand by pioneering architecture, and on the other by the appreciation of beauty and tradition.

Landau + Kindelbacher
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Landau + Kindelbacher Architekten Projects

Landau und Kindelbacher Architekten strength lies in viewing architecture and interior design holistically and in planning across all disciplines. Both subject areas must be complementary in design, technique, and quality, even if the planning task applies to one side only. It lies in the dialogue between the two disciplines that lead to a charismatic overall result.

Landau + Kindelbacher Architekten Design Contract Projects

Das Senger – Hotel DAS TEGERNSEE


Das Senger - Hotel DAS TEGERNSEE dining room with a light green sofa, pink as well as white dining chairs and big windows to the river.

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Das Senger - Hotel DAS TEGERNSEE other view of the dining room.
Landau und Kindelbacher Architekten

The newly designed rooms are characterized by a timeless, individual design that does justice to the history of the building and combines history and design to create an overall entirety with a maximum of feel-good factor. 

Extension Spa Area in Hotel “DAS TEGERNSEE”


Extension Spa Area in Hotel "DAS TEGERNSEE" in white, with a cozy fireplace and big suspension sofas.

Spa area with the five themes: sauna, panorama sauna, sun decks, fireplace lounge, and all-year-round heated outdoor and indoor pools at Hotel “Das Tegernsee”.

Restaurants Ameron Neuschwanstein


Restaurants Ameron Neuschwanstein with red counter stools, suspension lights in the bar, and some green armchairs around round center tables.
Landau und Kindelbacher Architekten
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Ameron Neuschwanstein Alpsee Resort, Hohenschwangau


Ameron Neuschwanstein Alpsee Resort, Hohenschwangau entrace with a majestic blue sofa, a round gold side table and 2 big pink armchairs.

 The existing architecture of the original buildings and the inspiration from the surrounding landscape with the view of the Alpsee is taken into account and flows into the design of the entrance hall, the various catering facilities, and the guest rooms.

Casino Rohde & Schwarz, Munich


Casino Rohde & Schwarz, Munich restaurant area with black dining chairs and a big vase.
Landau und Kindelbacher Architekten


Casino Rohde & Schwarz, Munich other view of the dining room.

The area is required to be both up-to-date and flexible; and the result is a minimalist, reserved module that creates a timeless, variable exhibition area. 

Haus Tegernsee  – Hotel DAS TEGERNSEE


Haus Tegernsee  - Hotel DAS TEGERNSEE entryway with 2 white armchairs, and 2 brown leather armchairs.
Landau und Kindelbacher Architekten

Alpenbrasserie Hotel DAS TEGERNSEE


Alpenbrasserie Hotel DAS TEGERNSEE dining room.

The restaurant area, extended by new panoramic windows that can be completely opened, produces a unique ambiance that appeals to all the senses. The cozy Salettl (a pavilion), a walk-in wine cellar, the innovative experience cuisine as well as the tow bar and lounge area create a creative counterpart to the successful restaurant operation.

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