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Exciting, fluid, functional.This is the language that distinguishes Marco Piva’s architectural creations, product design and interior design.


The effort in material research and technology, the value of differentiation, the design innovation, lead the establishment of Studiodada Associates, whose production becomes one of the most representative of the period of Radical Design. In the ’80s opens Studio Marco Piva, whose work ranges from large projects to architectural interior design, to industrial design. A traveller and a designer, an innovator who is educated in rational approaches, Marco Piva studies and creates design solutions which are pervaded by stylistic freedom and compositional sobriety.



*Porto Dubai, Dubai

Porto Dubai is a well studied and designed project where Marco Piva has invested his creativity and flair, with medium to low density edifices carefully distributed over the territory. An in depth study into the architecture, both its aesthetics as well as its function must be rigorous and exhaustive, ensuring that the architectural solutions are perfectly adaptable and coherent to the site and its environment. The inspiration is the Mediterranean, however expressed in a contemporary and modern language, where the latest technology and the most recent construction techniques are applied.


*Hotel Excelsior Gallia Milan, Italy

The renovation and expansion of the historic Excelsior Hotel Gallia, in the heart of Milan, is part of the broader process of urban redevelopment of Duca D’Aosta Square.
The plot design is inserted in the process aiming the refurbishment of the overall area surrounding the Central station. An international investment fund of Qatar have bought the hotel, with the intention to upgrade it into a five star luxury hotel. After an international selection, Studio Marco Piva has been appointed to develop the architectural project. Later, it has been required to design also the interiors.


*Hotel Mirage

Mirage Hotel, a luxury 5-star hotel with a business orientation. Its original schematic architecture – developed by a Yugoslavian engineering company – has been revised and expanded by Studio Marco Piva, which is also responsible for all the hotel’s interiors. The hotel, featuring 109 rooms, basically consists of two blocks linked by a plinth, developed on two floors, containing public areas. In this project the fundamental concept is the offspring of the idea of “mirage” and “illusion”. Each area then features a key theme, a specific concept, on which the design idea is based.


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Without doubts one of his greatest architecture works, which gave him the label of “best architects of the world”, the collaboration with Studio Marco Piva (one of the best Milan architects), Yuhang Cultural and Art Center.Based on the client’s brief, 5+1AA, Studio Marco Piva and Arup developed a design concept based on the idea of dynamical forms, able to define functional interlaced spaces but also modulated, to strongly interact with the environment reacting to natural or artificial lights, generating visual surprises and reflection effects.


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