Nina Mäklin is a Scandinavian Interior Designer. She lives in London, but she has lived and worked in Finland, China and Canada. Nina wordek for numerous London based boutique interior designers in a residential and commercial capacity before she started her own studio in 2011. She’s known for her capacity of creativeness and uniqueness, that arouses everyone’s curiosity and passion. We will show you three office projects that reflects the innovation at design!




The idea was create a seriously chic but yet tranquil heaven. So she designed a fun, bold and chic environment that communicates the Company and Cosmopolitan magazine’s brand values. Furniture, paints and flooring from Next Home were used across the scheme. They were also the official design partners for this project.




She creates concepts for Bfinance independent, privately-owned, financial services firm who was locating into new premises in a conservation area just a stones throw away from Piccadilly. Nina says the challenge was  create an interior design concept attractive to financial market. So, she used classic furniture that would not feel out of place in the surrounding restaurants but would still feel trustworthy and professional. The overall scheme has a touch of luxury but still appears serious enough to be worth of that investment.




Source is a recruitment agency. As we know, an interview can be a stressing experience. In additon, Nina created a environment where candidates could feel comfortable. She used round and soft shapes that were approachable and added quirky details to spark the imagination.


Our Source: Interior Design Giants