Office interior design ideas by PTANG - incredible tour at La Cresta (3)

Founded in 1997 in Hong Kong, Ptang Studio is considered one of the best architectural and modern interior design companies, with particular expertise in commercial projects and private luxury residences. For La Cresta Sales Office project, they teamed up with BB Contract and BRABBU, adding to the office interior design ideas, a distinctive and unique character!


La Cresta office waiting room furniture


With a long history of development along the mountain, the unique urban landscape of Italian mountain cities provides an armature for the design concept of the sales office, which is located at Kowloon Bay, with an area of approximately 30thousands ft2.



Office furniture with a velvet sofa paired with a side table and a table lamp


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Office interior design ideas by PTANG - incredible tour at La Cresta (3)


Inspired by the mystical atmosphere of Hong Kong most eclectic design influences, LA  CRESTA Sales Office was born from the perfect combination of greyish and brownish tones, textured by the fierce lines of some of BB Contract and BRABBU most iconic upholstery pieces.


Office chairs at Ptang Studio commercial project



Contract furniture for office interior design ideas


Elements of nature are integrated into the interior through streamlines, layered wall features, celebrating the contours and tectonic qualities of the natural landscape.


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Office interior design ideas by PTANG Studio


Office interior design ideas by PTANG Studio


Contrasting and softening the masculinity and tactility of contours, the choice of
earth-toned leather also gives harmony to the interior. The distinctive form of the design brings dynamicity and directionality, hence creates a unique character for the sales office.