Palafitte Hotel: a Hotel on the water

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Design Contract takes you to Switzerland’s Lake Neuchâtel, home to Hotel Palafitte, the hotel on the water. Hovering over the majestic waters, the wood-clad guest pavilions offer visitors amazing views from every spot in the room, making it the perfect modern, lakeside getaway.

Palafitte Hotel

The only hotel in Europe built on stilts, the Palafitte enjoys an exceptional setting. To put one foot into this unique and unusual establishment is to dive into a cocooning and relaxing environment. This is a complete and instant change of scenery. The architecture has been carefully designed to enhance the breathtaking surrounding view from any point in the room.

Palafitte HotelPalafitte Hotel: a Hotel on the water

The hotel’s design came about as part of a collaboration between architect Kurt Hoffman and his students at the Lausanne Hotel School and it came to fruition about 13 years ago as part of the Swiss National Expo in 2002. It was only supposed to be open for six months, but clearly it was built to stick around.

Palafitte Hotel: a Hotel on the water

The 5 star hotel features 40 private guest pavilions that house 120 beds and a full-service restaurant, all within a peaceful setting.Each pavilion has its own terrace and you can choose between a lake pavilion or a shore pavilion.

Palafitte Hotel: a Hotel on the waterPalafitte Hotel: a Hotel on the waterPalafitte Hotel: a Hotel on the water

Situated at the centre of the hotel between the reception and the restaurant, the bar has been newly renovated. Regulars happily sit on the raised bar stools while couples, friends or colleagues nestle in the comfort of the armchairs next to the fireplace. “Le Bar” is a meeting place for morning coffee, an indulgent afternoon tea or a post-meal drink in the evening.

Palafitte Hotel: a Hotel on the water

La Table de Palafitte is the resort’s signature restaurant boasting a seasonal menu with the freshest local ingredients. Featuring an indoor dining room with French windows overlooking the lake, the bright atmosphere at this delectable dining venus can’t be missed.

Palafitte Hotel: a Hotel on the waterPalafitte Hotel

Lake Neuchâtel and the surrounding area offer spectacular activities and a completely peaceful experience surrounded by the picturesque views of Switzerland.

Palafitte HotelPalafitte HotelPalafitte HotelPalafitte Hotel

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