Pizza Nova Newport Beach

Richard McCormack Design evolved from a desire to create distinctive and unanticipated designs driven by passion and unencumbered by conventional practices and thinking. Actively working on a diverse range of restaurant and retail projects.

Pizza Nova Newport Beach

Before Pizza Nova took over the waterfront Newport Beach space that formerly housed a quintessential dive bar, “It was as dark and cluttered as you would imagine any good dive bar to be,” says Meagan Hurst, senior designer at California-based Studio McCormack.We were lucky in the sense that the building interior had a reasonable amount of character in the architecture itself, and of course you can’t beat the waterfront location.

Pizza Nova Newport BeachThe bar seats’ floral-print linen with a pop of red vinyl makes a statement.

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Pizza Nova Newport BeachDark wood flooring—the only carryover from the former bar—adds to the rustic palette.

Pizza Nova Newport BeachPizza Nova also takes pride in using the freshest ingredients and making everything from scratch on the premises, so we decided to really show that off,” she adds.

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Pizza Nova Newport BeachWooden pizza peels in a variety of shapes hang in the dining space function as unconventional wall art.

Pizza Nova Newport BeachPizza Nova Newport Beach


It was such a radical change just to go from the dark, dingy, and cluttered interior of the old tenant to clean and fresh white walls and ceilings,” Hurst says. “I think it is truly amazing what a complete transformation the space went through.”