Design Contract wants to show you the iconic projects from Robert Bilkey.

The international hotel industry has changed over the past few years and until recently, city and resort hotels were primarily geared toward luxury relaxation. Today they are also playing a vital role in the business world. Hotel guest rooms  and public areas therefore need to meet the growing technological demands of the business traveler while still providing the high standards of comfort and design dictated by today’s discerning clientele. Bilkey LLinas Design (BLD) wants to find original solutions to these changing demands. BLD use to examining new frontiers in the industry and counts with a skilled architects and designers team to produce innovative concepts thar appeal not only to the business traveler but also to the tourist and frequent traveler. This approach calls for a unique design philosophy.

As Bilkey, president of the company has stated: BLD does not limit itself to a singular approach to design. They approach each project by looking at what the market and the guests actually require, tailoring our designs to meet those needs. The main goal is to create hotels  that not only meet the guests’ functional requirements but are design experiences in themselves.




Hotel guest rooms