Tom Kundig

Olson Kundig Architects began its creative existence with architect Jim Olson. He started the firm based on some simple ideas: that buildings can serve as a bridge between nature, culture and people, and that inspiring surroundings have a positive effect on people’s lives. Few years later Tom Kundig joined Olso as an owner, taking the firm to another level. His focus was creative exploration and helping it grow into an office with an international reputation. Hand cranks are a Tom Kundig siganture.

Tom Kundig He’s designed sculptural versions to operate the doors and windows of houses across the Pacific Northwest as well as the skylight at the Olson Kundig Architects studio in Seattle. Now one of the largest cranks to date has arrived in Los Altos, California. The location is a multipurpose space owned by the Passerelle Investment Company, a real-estate developer that has tapped various architecture firms to remake downtown properties. Tom Kundig Tom Kundig Tom Kundig Tom Kundig The facility—known by its address, 242 State Street—occupies a 1950’s commercial building. Standing taller than the roof, which Kundig raised 7 feet, is a massive steel armature that looks like some kind of art installation.


Source: Interior Design