top 5 most expensive restaurants in istanbul

Istanbul is a city of wonder – a fast-paced, sprawling metropolis, an exotic cultural melting pot, and a harbour city of phenomenal beauty. Where the Asian and European continents meet across the Bosphorous River, let’s discover the 5 most expensive restaurants in istanbul ! Take a look:

top 5 most expensive restaurants in istanbul



Mimolett is yet a new born baby in the upscale-bohemian neighborhood of Cihangir. Nonetheless, since its opening in Dec. 2009, it has been getting very good attention for the gourmet population in Istanbul.

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top 5 most expensive restaurants in istanbulKANAAT LOKANTASI

Kanaat Restaurant is one of the oldest diners in Istanbul, serving traditional Turkish / Ottoman cuisine samples. Given that there are few other points of interest in Üsküdar and around this restaurant, you normally wouldn’t make a special trip to come and dine here unless you happen to be on this side of town for business or special sightseeing -such as visiting a unique mosque, hammam or palace. Nonetheless, it is also said among the locals that “there are only two reasons to go to Üsküdar: 1. to take the ferry 2. for Kanaat Restaurant”.

top 5 most expensive restaurants in istanbul


As the name implies, this restaurant offers a stunning 360 degree view of the city. Although quiet at lunch, it transforms into a sophisticated and trendy nightspot. The fare is more or less international, with a range of exotic dishes. Try dishes like Prawns in a Jar with Lemon Grass, or the Bollywood Chicken. Stick to Turkish cuisine or go in for some sushi, but definitely order something from the imported wine list. The DJ and the live music keep you on your feet—the atmosphere gets more vibrant as the night progresses.

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top 5 most expensive restaurants in istanbul


Located near the Abdi Ipekci Street and inside the corner of the Reasurans Passage, Zazie offers an atmosphere radically different from the general “high-heeled, Madison Avenue” aura of the Abdi Ipekci itself. Owned a popular Turkish actor Cemal Hunal, who has recently won fame with Turkish director Cagan Irmak’s movie called “Issiz Adam” (a.k.a “No Man is an Island” type of movie and character) and his family, Zazie does carry a sniff of snobbish and high-end, casual people’s bar and restaurant. The interior decoration and design, which has been done by Vicki Hunal, matches this aura as well. Everything is of very high quality here.

top 5 most expensive restaurants in istanbul


Who would expect that a restaurant located in an office building would create the buzz that has surrounded Vogue for years? The success of this restaurant owes to a high-quality international menu that relies heavily on Mediterranean and international cuisine, plus an amazing and ample sushi bar that predates Istanbullus growing craze for Japanese food. Floor to ceiling windows provide panoramic views as far as Maiden’s Tower (and including the monuments of the Historic Peninsula), while in summer, an outdoor terrace gets graceful sea breezes.
At Vogue Restaurant, meals, served in a chic and minimalist atmosphere accompanied by the paintings of well known Turkish contemporary artists, are a feast for the eyes.
An Istanbul classic for 14 years and a favorite of Turkish and foreign guests, Vogue Restaurant has been named by Zagat Survey as one of the best restaurants in the world.


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