One of the main interior trends for 2014 – a home with fewer divisions and a little bit of a minimalist style. Today Design Contract will share with you good and bad consequences of having an open floor plan. You will also see some fantastic open plan layouts of stylish and modern homes. Get inspired and see if an open floor plan is the thing for you.

There are some pros and cons you need to consider if you’re thinking of having a open plan house. This kind of home has been extremely popular in the last years and they will continue to be built all around the world. That’s why open floor plan are considered on e of the architectural trends for 2014.

Pros of open floor plans:

Easy to see if your house needs proper cleaning
With an open area you are able to find out, more easily, the things you need to clean in order to have everything tidy. You will spot exactly want you want to remove if a surprise guest arrives unexpectedly.


Easy to keep an eye on the kids
If you have kids, you know that they are magicians. One second they are quiet and near us and then, just when you thinks that you have everything under control, they are at the other side of room breaking everything… An open floor plan enables you to see more of your home.


Your house will be full of natural light
Fewer walls mean that natural light from the windows can flow easily through your home. Your home will be more spacious and, in the end, you light bill will be a little bit lower.

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Cons of open floor plans:

Less privacy
An open plan floor can result in less privacy. Imagine that you’re hosting a party but, at some, point, you need to get away from the crowd. At an open house your only options are the bathroom or your bedroom.


You might have more noise
Just like light, sound will travel through your entire house. And that might be a problem. If your kids are watching TV (loud as usual) in the living room and you need to make an important call in the kitchen…you might have some troubles to do it.


Everything is at display
An open house makes easy to see things that you need to clean when a surprise guest arrives unexpectedly, but that also means that if you have some dirty dishes he/she will probably see them, even if he/she is in the living room. Your belongings will also be more detectable for anyone who wants to see what you’ve got.


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