Who agree that Kitchens are undeniable the heart of today’s home? If you do, you’ll want your kitchen to look its best. Let’s take a look in the past months of 2014 year and bring your kitchen into the 21st century.


This is an on-trend Kitchen designed by Vasi Ypsilantis. She used these oversized light fixtures with black fabric shades from Tech Lighting to add some wow: “They’re about 2 feet in diameter and are slightly larger than you would expect for the space,” she says. The idea was to create some drama in the room with a typical low ceiling. “The luxurious cabinets are Poggenpohl’s Marsh Oak Veneer with a rich near-black stain.” Definitely a stunning contemporary kitchen.


Created by Poggenpohl team Tedd McKee and Rosemary Porto in colaboration with architecture firm CUBE 3 Studio. An amazing project where the room was laid out to maximize prep space for cooking, but at the same time, in a visually way,  the sense of immense space was heightened by using three different types of engineered stone for the backsplash, the countertop and the island topper. Everyone who have mood for a different color, will love the dash of bright orange in the light fixtures.


Open shelving and tile to the ceiling are both trends continuing in 2014. Open Shelving is a style that many many people are embracing. We see it as an opportunity to showcase pretty dishes or glass containers within easy reach. And the tile to the ceiling gives a stunning look to this kitchen.


Wondering what color to paint your cabinets? Gray is the new White. The kitchen industry’s leading manufacturers say that while white cabinets continue to be tops, gray is the shade they’re betting on to break white’s top spot.



According to Zillow, here is one of the hottest kitchen trends for 2014. Black countertops add a modern edge and sophistication to your kitchen. If you are looking an elegant yet powerful look, go for leather-finished or honed black granite countertops. You can play with some contrasts, maybe with white, or the new white, which means gray cabinets.



And to finish… a classic never dies. Black-and-white always work. It’s about the high contrast and the granite countertops, creating a tension between country and modern.