Frame Awards is the first and only global interior-design awards with a holistic approach. The Awards identify and honour the world’s best interior projects, and also the people behind them.

Frame Awards was established in 1997 and ever since it is the world’s leading media brand for interior design professionals; today it has become a multi-channel platform that empowers interior designers and architects to create spatial excellence.

The work is judged by all industry stakeholders – interior designers, architects, retail brands, hospitality providers, cultural institutions and educators. The 36 awards are divided in Spatial, Executional, and Societal Awards, covering the entire spectrum of interiors whilst the Honorary Awards celebrate the people behind them.

Here’s the Top 5 to look out for:

Meland Club

Frame Awards - The Best Entertainment Venues

Designers have abandoned the traditional design approach of relying on finished entertainment facilities and rebuilt a perfect consumer experience which fully considers and meets the psychological needs of diverse target groups. The entire project has completed the excellent expression of the theme parent-child indoor playground, showing a high degree of completeness and consistency in the streamline and space narrative.

The subtle line design connects different functional areas and realises the rationality of the visitors flows. The narrative of the space, in turn, connects different spaces through a complete plot and leads the consumers to experience the wonderful journey of parent-child interaction. In a limited space, the designer’s childlike design approach to fulfil the consumer’s pursuit of the surreal experience will undoubtedly promote the market to optimize the interpretation of parent-child space.


Frame Awards - The Best Entertainment Venues

Otherworld is a project that bridged the gap between Red Deer’s commercial work and art-based installation pieces. It was the Dream Corporation’s first permanent space which allowed an opportunity for the practice to contribute to the refinement of their identity as a London-based games arcade in 2019.

The brief for the project was to create a threshold from the physical world into the virtual. The concept we created was developed to alter visitors’ sense of reality, to design a convincing terminal for departure and to challenge traditional typologies. Red Deer orchestrated an interdisciplinary approach to the design, collaborating with a lighting designer, fashion designer and specialist fabricators.

Changsha Jinyi Cinema

Frame Awards - The Best Entertainment Venues

The design concept of the Changsha Jinyi Cinema derives from the ‘place-shifting’ martial arts technique comprehended by the invincible heroes. In the movies, these masters with extremely high martial arts skills can travel from place to place quickly. Sometimes the audience could only take a glimpse of their shadows because of such a high speed of movement.

Changsha Insun Cinema

Frame Awards - The Best Entertainment Venues

For decades, film directors have used megaphones to communicate with their cast and crew on sets where it was hard to hear. The acoustic megaphone became an iconic clichéd symbol of a movie director. The designers were inspired by these cone-shaped acoustic horns and have thus developed various functional objects that are placed within the interior to echo with the ‘megaphone’ theme.

Wutever Club

Frame Awards - The Best Entertainment Venues

WUTEVER Club is located on the top floor of a business centre in Chengdu, the main colours of which are space grey, the milky way white and star blue. Aluminium plate, mirror metal, linear lighting and intelligent control system are used in the club, making it a “time machine to the future”. The drivers of the karting can drive in a place combined with linear lighting and mirror reflection, feeling like time travelling.

The next Frame Awards will be held on February 19th and 20th.


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