Tim Raue

Tim Raue’s restaurant is located in the historic Villa Kellermann and it was designed by Ester Bruzkus Architekten – an architecture and interior design company. This studio builds unique projects with a synergy between the needs of the client, the space, and the aspirations of great design.

With Straight lines, precise planning, material contrasts, and plenty of surprises, their architecture uses the contrasts of thick and thin, sharp and soft, curved and straight, rough and smooth, common and opulent, colorful and restrained, playful and well-resolved.

The design of Tim Raue’s restaurant combines a series of contrasts between the old and new, the modern and traditional, the formal and informal.

The design idea is to present each of the historical rooms as its own unique rich chromatic experience. Each room is its own colorful experience based on contemporary interpretations of historic colors: blues, greens, and beige tones.

The main dining room, the Alte Fritz Saal, preserves the light beige textures and colors of the old building resulting in a warm and comfortable environment.

On the other hand, the Green Dining room has a unique aesthetic filled with harmony, and the Elephant Room, with its Prussian Blue, shows singular energy.

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Creating a restaurant within the historic Villa Kellermann meant that Ester Bruzkus Architekten had to carefully balance issues of preservation with innovation. Paying careful attention to preserving historic building fabric, the designers also restored important interior details: stucco profiles, wooden panels, antique doors, and the marble fireplace.

The design of Tim Raue’s restaurant in the Villa Kellermann is a play of delightful contrasts and surprises: familiar and new, innovative and traditional, comfortable and elegant.

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