In January 2014, the Maison & Objet show in Paris will receive a glorious and unique stand that will be aimed to form partnerships and informal conversations between designers, architects, decorators, interior designers and media of the design area. This project will be called Covet Lounge.


We had an exclusive opportunity to speak with responsible for this mega project and asked how idea of Covet Lounge arose?

The idea of Covet Lounge arose from passion for design shared by 4 distinct luxury brands with different design concepts, but with a common goal: the desire to change the world of interior design through emotional experiences.

Thinking outside the box and creating a new way of working with interior designers and architects, a team of senior designers and product specialists were a goal. We will give them a chance to work on the concept and product together, closing a gap that the market has, and all this in an informal context of relationship. The Covet Lounge is a mediator between design professionals and luxury brands of the area, curate design brands, which attempt to create bonds.

What are the brands that are part of this concept?

For now, COVET LOUNGE form 4 international brands: Boca do Lobo, Delightfull, Brabbu and Koket.

Boca do Lobo


Boca do lobo 2

Boca do Lobo 4

Boca do Lobo 5


Delightfull 1

Delightfull 2

Charles Suspension form Delightfull

Can you tell us more about them?

Well, they are completely different. Boca do Lobo different and unique pieces are hand made ​​by talented artisans; Delightfull represent the vintage inspired light fixtures; Brabbu furniture reflects an intense connection with nature and finally, Koket– brand’s products are highly influenced by Fashion, Decorative Arts, etc.


Brabbu 1

Brabbu 2

Brabbu 3


Koket 1

Koket 2

Koket 4These brands are present in more than 20 countries and over 100 interior design projects: hotels, bars, luxury residences, spas, shops, offices … They work with the best in the industry, such as Printemps and Harrods, and were selected for their excellence by Nelly Rodi Trendlab and the AD Collector. Moreover, they are a constantly presence in the media such as Vogue, Elle Décor, etx.

Will you repeat this initiative? If yes, when.

After Paris, we will go to Milan, New York and London. The Covet Lounge aims to be the place to inspire professionals in this area with different, provocative and alternative experiences.

Any first hand news you can give for our readers?

We will have many partnerships in different areas such as Wines, Hospitality, etc., with an attempt to provide maximum comfort during the event and of course, many events in parallel to demonstrate what we want to our colleagues and friends. We invite all media of the area as well as designers, architects, decorators, interior designers, the contacting in order to be part of this new world of Interior Design …. Contact us!