The Best of French Interior Design: 3 Amazing Projects: French Interior Design Projects are widely considered one of the best in the world. Many top interior designers hail from France and bring with them the most amazing interior design projects.
Although it was selected 3 exquisite French interior design projects that are sure to inspire your further projects.

Sarah Lavoine Interior Design Project – Le Roch French Hôtel

Sarah Lavoine, acclaimed as French interior designer, has a particular and incredible style. The interiors she designs always make us wonder how to add unforgettable details in order to create a restful and chic environment, the same way she does so effectively. 

Sarah Lavoine never avoids the ordinary and works the total look, giving her best,  knowing how to mix and combine different items. According to her, there is nothing worse than when an entire room – or worse, an entire house – is designed with one theme all over.

The Best of French Interior Design: 3 Amazing Projects

In this Hôtel Le Roch project, the interior designer really used all of her creativity to create the most luxurious hospitality space in Paris.

The Hôtel Le Roch, located in the heart of Paris, on the 1er Arrondissement, is designed as a landmark, where Sarah Lavoine perfectly balanced the elegance and the Parisian spirit.

The Best of French Interior Design: 3 Amazing Projects


Within this hotel, every sight is absolutely breathtaking, every visitor must sink every landscape that’s displayed in every corner. From the exquisite accessories, to the massive and magnificent pieces of furniture, Sarah Lavoine perfectly reflects her design ideas, and makes it alive, as it should! The range of colors throughout this hotel is absolutely luxurious and sophisticated.

This 5-star hotel shares a large amount of colors, graphic prints, within warm and luxury spaces that will be unforgettable. This location would be absolutely wonderful for you to stay at, while enjoying the most perfect holidays on the most iconic city of the world.

Interior Design Projects from RDAI ParisLe Magasins Hermès à Hong Long

The Interior Design Projects for this new store, located at the crossroads of Ice Street House and Greetings Road in Hong Kong, was created by the Parisian architecture and design agency RDAI.

Founded in 1972 by Rena Dumas, RDAI is an architecture and design agency renowned for its versatility. This design firm, headed by Denis Montel, is responsible for the architectural structure and interior design of the new Hermes at Landmark Prince’s Central.

The Best of French Interior Design: 3 Amazing Projects

The interior decoration was based on materials such as lacquered wood, leather, stucco, marble and wire cloth, as well as a warm color palette. The spaces are subdivided into a few champagne-colored wire cloth pieces. On the floor, we have two different textures, a mosaic on the first floor and bamboo parquet on the rest of the premises. However, you can still find carpets covered with bamboo fiber patterns in some areas of the store.

CHZON Exellence Hospitality Design Project

CHZON, a top French agency design firm that was founded in 2009 by Dorothee Meilichzon. This design firm specializes in hospitality design, shares a large number of incredible design portfolio of bars, hotels and restaurants, that are absolutely breathtaking. Projects such as Hotel Panache and Hotel Paradis in Paris, Compagnie des Vins Bar in New York City, Experimental Beach restaurant in Ibiza, the Elle Decoration Café during Salon & Objet in 2015.

The Best of French Interior Design: 3 Amazing Projects

Color, eccentric patterns, and quirky pieces are definitely a big part of Chzon’s design identity, and the creative process is an absolute wonder due to the settings the agency establishes in every project.

The Best of French Interior Design: 3 Amazing Projects

There’s a sophistication concept behind the firm’s Interior Design Project, with a touch of a Mid-Century and also a rustic vibe that is perfectly established in every project they embrace, when it comes to hospitality design. The hotel projects are an absolute dream and are embellished with the most bespoke pieces of furniture.

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