Boutique Hotels are becoming widely popular, springing up in urban city centres that place their guests closer to a city’s culture points than ever before.

Whether it is for their luxurious hotel interiors, exceptional attention to service or more intimate sizing, they are placing their guests in the urban city centres closer to the city’s culture points.

With the growth of this hospitality projects, they are often quicker to adapt to the latest trends and technologies out there, giving them an edge up on their franchise and hotel design.

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A Personalised Experience

Boutique Hotels: Top 5 trends for 2017

In recent years, hotels have become travel destinations themselves, resulting in spaces being designed with various strategies in mind to respond to the needs of every type of guest and provide exceptional customer experiences. The key is personalization: every space, product and service is an opportunity to offer a personal hotel experience.

Lobby Evolution

Boutique Hotels: Top 5 trends for 2017

Boutique hotels are adopting the home-away-from-home concept is by re-designing their lobbies and other public areas from business-like, pragmatic spaces to living room-like spaces that are warm and inviting. In 2017, more front desks will be replaced with sit-down, comfortable concierge desks and sofas. Additional hotel design changes will aim to move guests out of their rooms and into dynamic social spaces.


Boutique Hotels: Top 5 trends for 2017

This year we will see more sustainable practices such as natural light, solar panels, recycled wood, organic cleaning supplies, five-minute hourglass timers in showers, and using locally handcrafted and repurposed furniture that supports sustainability and connects guests to the local culture and history.

Storytelling with Design

Boutique Hotels: Top 5 trends for 2017

Natural materials, cool tones flowing into warm ones, neutral colours and metal finishings. Patterns are expected to shift from the current high contrasting graphics to more visually soothing elements, while textures will range from soft and rich woven fabrics to heavy, opulent velvet. A mash-up of contemporary styles will produce unpredictable, whimsy environments. The hotel interior design is integrated into every aspect and that helps create unique memorable guest experiences.

Smart Hotels

Boutique Hotels: Top 5 trends for 2017

Technology is one way to improve customer experience, so the tech is affecting design in a big way. In smart hotels, personalised tablets can control everything from temperature to room service orders, the rooms have Netflix and Apple TV.

A boutique hotel can provide a unique experience to both its visitors and local residents alike. Keep it in mind for your future hospitality projects!

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