25 Confortable reasons to pick Aldeco for hotel interior design

As an operating on the hospitality industry and winds new trends of accommodation are blowing, for hotels it´s more important to separate from competitors with hotel interior design ideas is one crucial way to attract new consumers from all around the world. For that, Aldeco Interior Fabrics is here to help. Originally from Portugal, Company manufactures handcrafted and unique high-end fabrics inspired by world´s cultures and heritage for consumer and contract projects and design products. With celebrating 25 year anniversary, Aldeco has a wide range of unique fabrics such as silks, velvet’s, linens, chenille’s, organza’s, printed cotton, taffeta’s, blackouts and technical fabrics like Anti-Stain and Fire Redundant.

In 25 years, the company has become an international reference to architects, designers, and decorators. Fabrics are distributed in 52 countries, and our fabrics were been chosen to decorate famous hotels, restaurants, private houses and contract design projects around the world.

Here are some examples of how wide scale of varieties Aldeco´s fabrics can be used:


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25 reasons to pick Aldeco for hotel interior design ideas


With Aldeco, you will have a wide unique variety of fabrics for every space of hotel, from lounges to make them, even more, withdrawing place to relax, hotel´s restaurant to stay for longer periods while enjoying the dining at restaurants.  Also to consumer hotel rooms and suits to create memorable nights. Overall It will create an atmosphere like never before and gives unforgettable memories to the consumer, which will gladly come back to enjoy the hotel again.


25 Confortable reasons to pick Aldeco for hotel interior design ideas