Miaja Design Group - Hospitality Design from Singapore

Miaja Design Group was founded in 1995 by Isabelle Miaja. The interior design and architecture firm has grown into a strong business headquartered in Singapore.

Miaja is an international interior design firm providing hospitality design solutions for luxury brand hotels and resorts, corporate developments and high-end residential clients across the world. Quality in design, service and relationships with all people involved are key to Miaja Design Group.

Miaja Design Group - Hospitality Design from Singapore

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Miaja Design Group - Hospitality Design from Singapore

Miaja’s principal focus is interior design services for leading hotel operators, including Accor, Minor International, Tata Group, InterContinental Hotels Group, and Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group.

These developments include projects based in the Middle-East, Central Asia, South-East Asia and South Pacific. Isabelle Miaja claims that she enjoys the design process from start to finish. “Being a designer gives me a creative outlet”, she says,

“I love thinking of unique new concepts and working on bespoke designs. Seeing my completed interior design projects such as beautiful hotels or private residences is very rewarding!”

“I consider myself very fortunate to be able to do what I love every day. Being an artist isn’t something you can switch off, and it is a lot of hard work. (…) It’s essential to learn each day and be innovative. I am very proud of my career achievements to date, and I know my children are too. Ultimately, I want my designs to connect with people and to bring joy… if I achieve that, I have done what I set out to do.”

Miaja doesn’t like do define her designs with a particular style, allowing each project to define itself with “its own unique signature and be sensitive to the environment, local culture and a have a good sense of time and space”. space.

Miaja Design Group creates unique art collections for each project, bringing in a local creative inspiration by tapping into the country’s cultural background and its unique artistic translation. These personalised art pieces become a part of the essence of the project and a fundamental element of the final vision.

Miaja Design Group - Hospitality Design from Singapore

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Miaja Design Group - Hospitality Design from Singapore


When it comes to design trends, Miaja thinks there is a focus on well-being, with designers concerned not only about comfort but also about true peace and relaxation.

“There is a lot of research on the importance of living in a space that is attentive to the rhythm of your body; that allow you to think better and feel better. Recently, we have been integrating mental and physical well-being aspects into our designs”

Since the Miaja Design Group Group is specialised in hospitality interior design solutions for luxury brand hotels and resorts, they work on corporate development projects, high-end residential and with clients across the world.

More recently, they have also branched out to healthcare and other sectors. Some of their biggest projects include the Sofitel So Singapore, the Pullman Central Park Hotel in Jakarta and the Sofitel Mumbai BKC in India, for which Miaja has gained international recognition.

“In interior design, we are creative but 60% of what we do is also about designing with practicality in mind. The work of great Architects inspires me, iconic buildings such as the Sydney Opera House or The Shard in London. They really have the ‘wow factor’ and are a design dream! This is why I am starting to branch out to Architecture as part of the services we offer at my firm.”

Miaja Design Group - Hospitality Design from Singapore

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Miaja Design Group - Hospitality Design from Singapore

Regarding craftsmanship, Miaja feels that David Boucher (Boucher & Co.) keeps alive the wonder and secrets of true craftsmen such as Boulle Ruhlmann. “I personally celebrate the beauty of this style of work, there is so much charm in the detailing that only the hand can produce”, she says. For the future, Miaja hopes for a greater focus on green buildings, renewable materials, and preserving nature. We hope you’ve enjoyed this interview with Miaja Design Group!