Conran and Partners is an interior and architecture design studio practice founded by Sir Terence Conran who is renowned for designing contemporary ways of living. The studio has offices in London, Hong Kong and Brighton, and their portfolio extends around the world, embracing a rich and varied range of typologies and scales.

Conran and Partners have shared expertise that covers and integrates both architecture and interior design. Their work fans out in many different sectors, ranging from individual restaurants to entire hotels, residential buildings, designing for all market levels and highly-layered regeneration projects – the company offers an added-value through a versatile and coherent approach to design.

Conran and Partners - The Secret to Classic Design
Kita Aoyama, Japan
This project has a holistic design through both the architecture and interior design, the result is a modern interpretation of a Japanese home.
Conran and Partners - The Secret to Classic Design
200 Gray’s Inn Road, Great Portland Estates
The project consisted of the areas of the existing reception, a ground floor office space, and extending into the existing external portico.
Conran and Partners - The Secret to Classic Design
Cadence, Argent
Alison Brook’s architectural design takes reference from the historical context of the neighbouring stations, King’s Cross and St. Pancras.

Conran works as a collective, drawing upon local and global frames of reference to create a design philosophy which gives particular importance to a context-based narrative. The studio believes in spaces that work around their users and are also timeless, while still being continuously aware of trends in every sector they cover.

Conran and Partners - The Secret to Classic Design
22 Shad Thames, Conran Holdings
The studio doesn’t believe in the traditional approach to office design; drawing on the experience in the residential sector, Conran transformed their London studio to create bright and open spaces for the staff to meet, work independently and unwind.
Conran and Partners - The Secret to Classic Design
South Place Hotel, London
In September 2002, South Place Hotel opened its doors. Located between Liverpool Street and Moorgate, South Place brings together business, art, design, tradition and innovation.
Conran and Partners - The Secret to Classic Design
Ruya, d.ream
Rüya, which means dream in Turkish, is a new dining concept which explores the rich history and diversity of Anatolian food.

Every project taken begins with an immersive research process by the team that is responsible for it. Through close collaboration with their clients, Conran and Partners seek to establish a clear and full understanding of the local as well as end-users and their needs.

Conran and Partners - The Secret to Classic Design
Boundary, Prescott and Conran
The Boundary is a Victorian industrial building in Shoreditch – it is a boutique hotel with a roof garden bar and grill, fine dining restaurant cafe and food store.
Conran and Partners - The Secret to Classic Design
Greenwich Peninsula, Knight Dragon
The Greenwich Peninsula is one of Europe’s largest regeneration schemes.
Conran and Partners - The Secret to Classic Design
LUMA, King’s Cross
The redevelopment of King’s Cross, to the north of the railway station, has seen the evolution of an extraordinary sequence of buildings, including many new arrivals and conversions of existing structures.

After this process, the studio begins to develop a narrative threat which responds to the clients’ aspiration and is carried through the design stages to the realisation of the project itself. Their aim is to create buildings and spaces with its own sense of location, identity and character, which through their form, detail and materiality manifest distinctive personalities with charm and relevance.

Conran and Partners - The Secret to Classic Design
Puro Kazimirez Hotel
PURO Kraków Kazimierz is the flaship and sixth in a series of PURO Hotels.

Conran and Partners are proud to have worked with and on world-renowned developments, taking satisfaction from working with both big and small projects. They are drawn to clients who share their own love of classic design and want to create something that makes a real impact on the way people live their lives.

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