Well known Hamburg located firm Seel Bobsin Partner architects designed inspirational loft office interior project for online agency Covus that been located in a typical factory from 1898. The building used to be the residence of the traditional printing publisher Gutenberg. The high-quality, reconstructed Art-Nouveau facade forms the entrance to the factory area that brings to life the Berlin industrial history. To create functional office in an industrial building has been a great challenge for the architects. Headquarters occupied three floors, total area of which amounted to 1200 sq.m.


Architects did not hided the industrial character of the original building, on the contrary, every detail in this space is talking about his glorious past. Office interior is organized according as it were loft, the compartments are connected by corridors and every detail here speaks of a glorious industrial past of the old building.

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Covus employees are spread over three floors.  Seel Bobsin Partner architects designed rooms offer plenty of space for formal and informal meetings, such as the cozy “library in the vintage look or representative white boardroom space for official meetings.

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In the spacious reception area designed simultaneously as an event space, guests and staff feel equally comfortable. The new appearance supports both internal and external communication and strengthens the identification with the rapidly growing company.





Exposed structural elements and ceiling slabs of communication, a combination of rough and soft textures in the decoration of the furniture, the use of “factory” fixtures, and most importantly, contrasting combination of black frames and white walls – it all works on the basic design idea.

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Original spiral staircase made ​​of black metal with delicate patterns – not only historical episode, but in a sense, part of the future, a symbol of continuity of ideas in modern company, they were restored and re-painted.



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