Restaurants industry never sleep. It’s the largest profit center of all service operations. It’s true when your restaurant is famous but when it’s not you’ll go all the way crumbling down. It’s a battle between small and large scale restaurant business in order to get customers and to fight you can’t be unprepared. You need to create a whole great décor and ambience to get the crowd into your restaurant and bars beside your already delicious food. It’s not just about taste that keeps your customer returning. You need to invest on a good restaurant interior.

Design Contract introduce a few amazing and unique modern restaurant concepts to inspire professional architects and interior designers as well as for restaurants owners. Bright and eye catching with a perfect ambiance of lighting, a well chosen furniture and visual details like artworks, wallpapers … So how do you want your restaurant or bar interior design to look like?

Barlotti restaurant in Moscow

Having mastered the art of being both trendy and welcoming, George V Eatertainment, the company behind the world famous Buddha-Bar and its founder, Raymond Visan, have created a beautiful two level venue inspired by Cinecitta’s glamorous era, all within modern Italian settings.

Hand made capitonné walls and sofas create an inviting and comfortable lounge Bar reminiscent of a glamorous era, while Murano chandeliers complete the warm and intimate atmosphere. Each of our seating area will fit your dining or lounging mood. Upstairs our Ristorante with golden accents, replete with Venetian Palace inspired round sofas seating, private party spaces, blackened mirrors reflecting discriminating guests, enjoying a unique dining experience to the carefully selected Italian & International musical blend of the live in-house DJ.

Amazing_restaurant_concepts_that_ will_inspire_you- Barlotti-Moscow

Amazing_restaurant_concepts_that_ will_inspire_you-Berloti bar-Moscow

Amazing_restaurant_concepts_that_ will_inspire_you-Berloti-Moscow-2

GET INSPIRED: Le Bouton Gold collection 

This collection was developed and inspired based on the known gold tradition of Viana or of the Minho, north of Portugal, after a time travel into the past and a study of the vast spoils of the existent collection of works of the gold and filigree, this of which led and gave origin to this furniture collection. Viana, icon and place of consume, is gold that women from Viana use. Produced in Gondomar and in the villages of Povoa de Lanhoso and other regions in the Minho. We speak of feminine gold; this is what the women used in the past, today charm the chest of all the ladies.

Amazing_restaurant_concepts_that_ will_inspire_you-2

Boom concept restaurant by FRST

Interior architect Clémentine Giaconia and designer Frédéric Forest complement each other in every respect. After meeting in 2004, in 2008 they decided to realise their shared ambition of founding their own design studio FRST. The studio is the platform from which they can share their experience and pool the materials and media each project needs to exist: space, furniture, product, graphics, installation… They see no differences in how to approach design and architecture; the intellectual and artistic processes are the same. “Each of our creations is driven by the simple pleasure of designing and drawing.”

IT’S IDENTITY – a geometric identity with cut and sharp lines variations, emotions, notes, pause, harmony, improvisation, sharing… True gastronomic cuisine resembles a lively, vibrant symphony. Imagined and invented by FRST, the Boom Food restaurant is some where top international chefs are invited to perform, so that clients could enjoy original and experimental gastronomic sessions, brought to them live by their favourite virtuoso chefs. Like the Olympia in Paris, Ronnie Scott’s in London or the Scala in Milan, the events listing is published in advance, at the restaurant and on its website. Spectator-diners choose their performer, pick a date and buy their tickets ready for the event.




It’s a contemporary interpretation from a period drawing. The wood shell is upholstered with white leather cushions and stops at table height so as not to detract from the horizontal perspective. Wooden hull molded and painted. White leather for armrests, seat and back -wooden base.

Amazing_restaurant_concepts_that_ will_inspire_you-frst_boom_restaurant_concept

Dinner in the Sky concept restaurant

For diners who aren’t afraid of heights, try this 22-person table that will travel to you! While sitting 180 feet in the sky, your group will have a personal chef and waiter accompany you up in the air, combining the height of a sky scraper with a five-course gourmet meal. Dinner in the Sky is available to rent in many major cities all over the world.

Amazing_restaurant_concepts_that_ will_inspire_you-dinner-in-the-sky

Amazing_restaurant_concepts_that_ will_inspire_you-dinner-in-the-sky-Stambul

Nomiya temporary concept restaurant

Parisian architect Pascal Grasso and artist Laurent Grasso has designed and installed the Nomiya Temporary Restaurant on the roof of the « Palais de Tokyo » museum. The restaurant only allows twelve people to dine in with a panoramic view over the Seine and the Eiffel tower.

This is a temporary, transportable restaurant on the roof of Le Palais de Tokyo museum in Paris. The restaurant takes its name, Nomiya, from a very small restaurant in Japan. The restaurant comprises a glass cabin and a perforated metal screen covering the central cooking area. The 18 metre-long structure was part constructed in the Cherbourg boatyard in northern France and transported to Paris in two parts, where it was assembled on the roof of Le Palais de Tokyo. Coloured LED lighting is placed between the metal skin and the glass core. White Corian furniture populates the dining room.

Amazing_restaurant_concepts_that_ will_inspire_you-Nomiya-Restaurant-Paris

Amazing_restaurant_concepts_that_ will_inspire_you-Nomiya-Restaurant_Paris

The Dome in Bangkok

If there is one restaurant you can’t miss in Bangkok, it is The Dome, located at the top of the tallest skyscrapers in Thailand. Six of the world’s 3 Star Michelin Chefs have been be creating an unforgettable dining experience there. The menu include delights like Tartar of Kobe beef with Imperial Beluga caviar and Belon oyster, Tarte Fine with scallops & black truffle, Brittany lobster Osso Bucco. Client’s are served with a collection of personalised Riedel sommelier glasses, and a commemorative Limoges Dome signed by all nine Michelin Chefs, stylish tables, shairs and concept bar stools like MOHAWK who’se industrial elements are balanced by a touch of elegance from the shape of the legs and the comfort of the leather seating is perfect choise for this type of restaurants-launge spaces.

Amazing_restaurant_concepts_that_ will_inspire_you-Sirocco-Sky-Bancock

Amazing_restaurant_concepts_that_ will_inspire_you-Sirocco-sky-bankock

Amazing_restaurant_concepts_that_ will_inspire_you-stool-mohawk-brabbu
Dolce & Gabbana restaurant Gold

GOLD is the first concept restaurant created by Dolce&Gabbana. Iconic Italian fashion label Dolce & Gabbana are the latest to get into the monochrome color trend. Hot on the heels of Hollywood’s green themed bar, Social Hollywood, and the Gold themed Restaurante Les Cols in Catalina, Spain, the dynamic design duo have opened a new restaurant with an entirely gold interior.

Dolce & Gabbana are no strangers when it comes to opulence, and it comes as no surprise that the glamorous duo’s new endeavour, a restaurant called ‘Gold’, bares as its name the ultimate symbol of money and luxury. Gold has long been key to D&G’s collections, being it their jewellery, ready-to-wear, accessories, and now restaurant décor. And while this isn’t the first, nor last, celebrity or designer restaurant, Dolce & Gabbana at least know how to make a tasteful statement. The plush location opened with smooth and shimmering golden accents everywhere, serving international Italian food. Gold has several levels including a downstairs bistro that opens at lunchtime and a more formal upstairs that serves dinner only.
According to the website, the golden theme isn’t necessarily intended to represent money and luxury (yeah right), but more importantly gold is “an upbeat, sunny color” that signifies a “taste for beauty and for sensual pleasure.” Judge for yourself the next time you’re in Milan.

Amazing_restaurant_concepts_that_ will_inspire_you-Gold_Dolce&Gabbana-Milan

Amazing_restaurant_concepts_that_ will_inspire_you-Gold_Dolce&Gabbana-2

Amazing_restaurant_concepts_that_ will_inspire_you-Gold_Dolce&Gabbana

GET INSPIRED: Eternity chandelier by Koket

Elegant silhouette Eternity chandelier with Swarovski crystals individually wrapped in brass and placed with astonishing attention to detail bring sence of luxury to restaurant interior.

Amazing_restaurant_concepts_that_ will_inspire_you-eternity-chandelier-by-koket-2GET INSPIRED: Bruno Rainaldi golden stool Tab.U

Designer Bruno Rainaldi is a curious utopian designer that was the creative force behind Opinion Ciatti for eight years. Rainaldi describes himself as a ‘street designer’ and his own personal style as ‘chaotically rigorous’. Now, he is the founder and creative director of Studio Rari and collaborates with many Italian design companies and showrooms. This luxurious golden stool by designer Bruno Rainaldi is part of the Tab.U Collection and is made with hand-wrinkled and crushed aluminium. Its exterior is polished gold and it has an solid wooden interior for added durability. The stool has a non-slip dark grey cushion in thick felt at the bottom and a gold mirror top. We suggest using these stools as side tables, low seating or even just as a decorative piece.

Amazing_restaurant_concepts_that_ will_inspire_you-BRUNO RAINALDI-tab_u_gold-stool

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