It is important to keep up with the Hospitality Trends 2020 in the World of Design, and BRABBU being apart of this world is no different. We have created two new lifestyle images to keep up, one for bars an another for lounges. On this article, we are going to explore the one for lounges. Find the other here.

Hospitality Trends 2020 by BRABBU

Bold black lounge room decor immediately makes a grounding statement. Brabbu Contract, a contemporary hospitality furniture solutions brand, the signature of which is elegance blended with fierceness and strength, casts some black magic in this mid-century lounge room.

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This inspirational space proves that black enhances colours and shapes around it. Thus, if you wish to make a dramatic hotel interior design statement, Brabbu Contract is the right choice.

Bourbon Velvet Sofa

Hospitality Trends 2020 by BRABBU

With origins in France, the House of Bourbon was a dynasty known for its class and luxury. BOURBON Velvet Sofa embodies this opulence through its button-tufted inner back, rich cotton velvet and a base in matte aged brass. This velvet sofa makes up any refined ambience, and it can be customised with various colours of your choice.

BOURBON is a family of products which you can find here, and in this family, you will also find rare editions of bar chairs, so make sure to click on here so you don’t miss out on any splendid product for your project.

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Mecca Centre Table

Hospitality Trends 2020 by BRABBU

Mosques are not only places for the spiritual cult but also majestic architectural works. MECCA Center Table features brushed aged brass matte columns that resemble the architectural heritage from the mosques. This round coffee table will enhance any modern interior design.

Just like Bourbon, Mecca also has a family that can help you complete the majestic look that you are looking for.

Naicca Suspension Light

Hospitality Trends 2020 by BRABBU

The allure of Mexico’s Giant Crystal Cave was the inspiration for NAICCA Suspension Light, a round chandelier that represents the legend of crystal origins. The aged brushed brass structure and the Quartz crystal diffuser merge together to brighten any home decor, filling the room with a strong yet peaceful atmosphere.

Naicca also has a family to lighten up your project in a splendid way! Find it here and you draw more inspirations from this article:


We are the correct choice for your hospitality project, being also able to give you solutions for commercial, retail and residential. Hospitality Trends 2020 is just the beginning of our new intense way of living and bringing fierceness to the contract area.

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