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Design Contract, in an exclusive interview, presents Fine Rooms, an Interior Design, Architecture and Product Design company, based in Germany. Fine Rooms was founded in 2011 by Isabella Hamann and Markus Hilzinger, as they both worked together in AMJ-design for several years as Head of Design. Indeed, 2011 was really the turning point for Isabella and Markus. As they refer themselves, “we made the decision to set up our own studio and we have always made sure that we remain internationally.”

Fine Rooms more than Interior Design

“Fine Rooms is the combination of our love for fine art and our work as interior designer and architects. Our specialty is to work as curator of art for several hotel projects”, explains Isabella about the company’s philosophy.


As a new company, Fine Rooms is already a reference in this market and this due to the dedication of its creators in each project. As they own mention, “be in love with our work is always the key to achieve better results, that’s the mystery to be successful. If you don’t burn for your job, your results are not exciting. We love it to start with every new project from the beginning.”

Fine Rooms more than Interior Design

For Isabella and Markus, have a signature touch it’s not the most important part in a project. However, for them it’s important to give each new project all the attention. It´s essential that the place, spirit, circumstances, history and needs of the clients must be taken in consideration. “A good interior design is like a good couture when it is not seated correctly, then it pinches”, says Markus.

In fact, for the creators, it´s important to know that Product Design it’s also a complement of Interior Design. As they refer themselves, “we are specialists in interior design for hotels and always working on projects as a turnkey. We believe that architecture and product design correspond wonderfully together and complement each other very well.”

Regarding their company philosophy, Fine Rooms refer that “the customer feels the uniqueness – each design is special and tailor-made”. So these it’s the perfect away to have the perfect chemistry between the interior designers and their clients. Therefore, when this chemistry exists, what happen next it´s that exists the real possibility to create together – interior designers and customers – a wonderful project.

Fine Rooms more than Interior Design

For Fine Rooms, each project it´s singular and unique and it’s always exciting. As the creators clarify, “for us, every project is important because it’s always means a new confrontation with our creativity. Even a small project, whether in the private or in the commercial sector, are an exciting challenge.”

At the moment, Isabella and Markus are working in many hotel projects and also in private residences. Since 2012, they´re working for Meissen Home as Creative directors and creating porcelain services, furniture, lamps and carpets for international market. Currently, they´re also Head of Design for the hotel group Althoff Collection.

Fine Rooms more than Interior Design

If asked to Fine Rooms which famous project around the world they wish it had been created by them, they answer the following: “we especially love houses with history and myth (we have worked many years at the 5 star Hotel Adlon. It would be fantastic to work on a house like Le Bain on the Lido in Venice”, justifies Isabella Hamann.

For the company, some brands cannot be forgotten in a decorating project, so this project can be a remarkable one. “We love Alberto Pinto and his porcelain products and furniture. A sofa from Promemoria or an armchair by Romero Sozzi are already a design classics. A glass vase of Guax is today in each building a decorative object”, concludes Markus Hilzinger.

Fine Rooms more than Interior Design


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