Where to Party & Gamble as Rock-Star in The 10 Best Bars in Las Vegas

What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas. You might have heard this legendary saying many times. It´s no wonder that Las Vegas charms visitors with chance of hunting luck in gambling casinos and in famous bars. Believing that Las Vegas’ favorite activity is gambling is an understandable misunderstanding—but all you have to do is check out the temples it’s made to mixology to know that cocktailing is the city’s real key to fame.

While you’ll still can find plenty of “free” drinks on the casino floors, part of the experience is sitting inside a tri-level crystal chandelier or a mid-modern, James Bond-themed bar with sweeping Strip views. Our gathered list of best bars in Las Vegas covers it all, so take a good position and prepare to enjoy the art of the cocktail, in true Las Vegas style.


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Where to Party & Gamble Like a Rock-Star in The 10 Best Bars in Las Vegas


Herbs & Rye doesn’t just make astonishing  cocktails; it also provides an educational experience in what you’re drinking. Here, the focus is on the classics and the incredible stories behind them. Don’t let its drab, strip-mall outer appearance fool your eye. Pass through these doors and you’ll find an old-school speakeasy, with red walls and deep oak furniture in this beautiful bar´s interior design filled with a staff who cares sincerely about what’s going into your glass.