Moscow! What an incredible and enigmatic city, with so much to find. This city can compete with other capitals in so many levels, and now… it has some of the best restaurants. We’ll take you to Moscow or maybe in an amazing time travel trip!

Restaurant Pushkin

Moscow-Restaurants-Pushkin Moscow-Restaurants-Pushkin-1A five-star restaurant, is open 24 hours a day and is situated in a building that was renovated to look exactly like a Russian aristocrat’s home circa 1825. The staff speaks a beautiful, pre-Sovietized Russian (and English) and serves some of the best fare in town. You’ll want to get the blinchiki(Russian pancakes) with black caviar, borscht and pelmeni(dumplings), before moving on to the famous Tsar’s Sturgeon and, of course, one of Pushkin’s many, many desserts. Make sure your meal includes a spot or two or three of vodka.Moscow-Restaurants-Pushkin-3 Moscow-Restaurants-Pushkin-4 Moscow-Restaurants-Pushkin-5 Moscow-Restaurants-Pushkin-6 Moscow-Restaurants-Pushkin-7 Moscow-Restaurants-Pushkin-8 Moscow-Restaurants-Pushkin-9The atmosphere of pre-Revolution Russia is delightfully charming, from the flowery script of the menu to aristocratic country house décor. Pushkin is the ideal destination if you want to be treated like Russian nobility and dine like a Tsar – but book ahead, the restaurant’s popularity requires reservation well in advance.

Turandot Restaurant

 Moscow-Restaurants-Turantod-1 Moscow-Restaurants-Turantod-2

It is the most expensive restaurant of Russia. Based on Puccini’s most famous opera, this themed restaurant recreates the ostentation of 17th-century baroque Europe in all its finery. In the opera, Princess Turandot poses three riddles to potential suitors, who meet with death if they fail. Sadly, it transpires that the sole victor of her cognitive machinations will die by morning unless she can discover his name, thus spawning Puccini’s famous Nessun Dorma (no one sleeps) to which the restaurant nightly opens its doors.

Moscow-Restaurants-TurantodMoscow-Restaurants-Turantod-6 Moscow-Restaurants-Turantod-5 Moscow-Restaurants-Turantod-4 Moscow-Restaurants-Turantod-3Is one of the most  the most popular restaurants in Moscow, and you will feel it on every step: as you set foot into the restaurant, you will be greeted by a liveried footman; gold is the only color you will notice for quite a while. Absolutely stunning!