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Design Contract want to share with you an important part of London’s culture – Design. As a result, we will present you London’s 5 Most famous residential and hospitality design studios of England in the world: Yoo, The Studio Harrods, Kelly HoppenFox LintonBlackSheep. Their amazing projests are known worldwide!

#1 Yoo

Founded by Philippe Starck and international property entrepreneur John Hitchcox, yoo is a residential and hotel design company offering the creative visions of world renowned designers Philippe Starck, Marcel Wanders, Jade Jagger, Kelly Hoppen, Anouska Hempel and the Yoo Studio. Yoo is a thoroughly international lifestyle brand.

Most famous residential and hospitality design studios

Most famous residential and hospitality design studios

Most famous residential and hospitality design studios

#2 The Studio Harrods

The Studio at Harrods is a bespoke interior design service specialising in luxury high-end residential design with a portfolio of original projects that ranges from contemporary penthouse apartments in London and the UK to custom-designed luxury villas in the Middle East and other world-wide locations.

MMost famous residential and hospitality design studios

Most famous residential and hospitality design studios

Most famous residential and hospitality design studios

#3 Kelly Hoppen

Kelly Hoppen is a world-renowned British designer who has pioneered a simple yet opulent style that has permeated interior design at every level. As well as designing apartments, houses and yachts for an ever-expanding international private client list, Kelly also undertakes commercial design projects including hotels, restaurants, office spaces and aircraft interiors.

Most famous residential and hospitality design studios

Most famous hospitality design agency-Kelly-Hoppen-BOOK

Most famous hospitality design agency-Kelly-Hoppen-London

Most famous hospitality design agency-Kelly-Hoppen-London-restaurant

#4 Fox Linton

The signature design characteristics of impeccable colour, superb qualities and technical expertise and are reflected in the work of their in-house studio headed up by Kathleen Butler, ex- Royal College of Art weave specialist.

Most famous hospitality design agency-Fox_Linton-London

Wellesley Hotel, London.

Most famous hospitality design agency-Fox_Linton-London-bar-interior

Most famous hospitality design agency-Fox_Linton-London-hotel-interior

#5 BlackSheep

Extraordinary hospitality design fuelled by the power of creative solutions. Blacksheep is an independent, international and award winning design agency that harnesses the power of creative ideas to help companies and their brands to achieve their objectives. Over the past ten years we have developed an expert practice within the hospitality industry, collaborating with our clients to create iconic and remarkable projects.

Most famous hospitality design agency-Blacksheep

Most famous hospitality design agency-Blacksheep-bar-interior

Most famous hospitality design agency-Blacksheep-bar-London

Most famous hospitality design agency-Blacksheep-night-club

Most famous hospitality design agency-Blacksheep-restaurant

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