Looking for some fancy interior design ideas for your commercial or private design project and you just can’t find the diversity or costumization services you need? No need to keep seeking it: Design Contract glad to introduce you to Esteban Interiors.

Esteban Interiors, located in the heart of La Jolla’s exciting and burgeoning design district, is a full service interior design firm. Their intimate showroom displays a wide variety of custom furniture, home accessories, including an extensive vintage hand-blown glass collection, designer lighting, and designer fabrics and wall coverings.


Esteban Interiors, named after its founder Esteban Lopez, is a professional interior design company that exemplifies quality. They strive to exceed their client’s expectations by bringing their interests and desires into a collaborative design.

Esteban is known to introduce new concepts and products that reflect the client’s individual needs and personal style. They believe that good design is timeless, and quality of design and materials are essential. That is to say that Esteban Interiors can be “the” perfect solution when it is all about interior design.


Esteban draws from natural silhouettes and translates them into practical function, while balancing color, texture, and shape to develop a harmonious atmosphere for his clients.

Furthermore, Esteban enhances his designs with lighting and tone, paying close attention to how they will evoke mood and alter emotions. These properties are all fundamental in a successfully balanced design. They can all affect the proportion of a space making it more intimate, or wide open and vast.


Esteban Interiors offers a wide range of design services to suit a variety of needs and budgets including architectural space & lighting plans, custom furniture, color consultations, window treatments, product procurement, accessorizing, and styling. With a high level of expertise and experience in both residential and commercial design projects, Esteban Interiors creates a finished product that exudes high quality design and materials, and a sense that the space has evolved over time.

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